Wanton Saudi Bombing Continues In Yemen



Aren’t you thinking about how different was the reaction of the “international community” to the constrained, carefully-targetted bombing by the Israelis in the Gaza campaign, when many times an attack would be called off if civilians were spotted. It was indignation, outrage, fury, horror. 

For months the Saudis have been bombing at will, the richest Arab country destroying so much of the poorest. And the Houthis are not people who pose the kind of threat to Saudi Arabia that Hamas posed to Israel; they pose no real threat at all. The Saudis just don’t like them increasing their power in parts of Yemen, and don’t care,of course, that it is only the Houthis who are prepared to attack Al Qaeda. The Saudis don’t care about Al Qaeda, because Al Qaeda is focussed on the West, not the Al-Saud. Saudi and other Arab warplanes, knowing the Houthis have no way to fight bac, bomb at will, every day, wherever they feel like it. They bomb military installations, but also bomb civilians. They don’t care. They aren’t about to call off any bombing runs. They’d just as soon destroy as many of the Shi’a in Yemen as they can. Why? It cannot be argued that the miserable Yemeni quasi-state, whether controlled by the Houthis or not, could be a threat to Saudi Arabia, the largest arms buyer in the world, with hundreds of billions of dollars in weaponry, and the American government apparently permanently in its pocket.

But why is there no protest in the “international community” ? Where even do you find a palpable sense of unease at Saudi behavior and attitudes?

There is none.

Compare. Contrast.

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