Warning About Terrorism In Europe, And Special Pleading, From An Egyptian

He wants Europeans to understand what “we in Egypt” have been suffering from. It’s terrorism, and you Europeans did this to yourselves by giving them (presumably, the nothing-to-do-with-Islam True Believers in Islam, the ones willing themselves to engage in violent Jihad) shelter, by training them, by letting them have arms, and so on. It’s a Muslim varient on the Blame-the-Infidels theme. And it also includes crazed repetition of the it’s-got-nothing-to-do-with-Islam. But it is still worth watching. It mixes the hint of a gloating over French distress, with an appeal to stop giviing shelter to Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi and Al Qaeda supporters, just stop it, because you will regret it, and stop lecturing Egypt on the measures it is allowed to take to deal with a much graver problem.

Of interest, here.