Watch Sen. Menendez’s Speech against The President’s Iran Nuclear pact at Seton Hall U


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Sen. Robert Menedez (D-NJ), Seton Hall University, August 18, 2015

We posted yesterday on Sen. Robert Menendez’s speech in opposition to President Obama’s Iran nuclear pact he delivered at Seton Hall University.  Now, you can view how he delivered and made his point from the position of someone who voted against the Iraq War and has been a Democratic loyalist on most domestic programs. He thouroughly documents and rips apart the Administration’s rationale for Congress approved the JCPOA.  His rejection is added to that of his Democrat colleague, Senator Charles E. Schumer.  Because of his long held opposition to the Iran nuclear program and sponsorship of sanctions and agreement review legislation, his rejection adds an important voice to the Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress opposing the President’s nuclear pact.

Watch the YouTube speech of Sen. Menendez at  Seton Hall University:

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