WATCH: Video of Bashir’s RSF/Janjaweed Celebrating Masscare at Kalma IDP Camp in Darfur


You want to know what Genocide is like in Sudan? WATCH  this video of indicted war criminal President Bashir’s Rapid Support Force/Janjaweed militia celebrating the massacre at the Kalma IDP camp in Darfur with indiscriminate fire from heavily armed Toyota pickup trucks ‘technicals’ before they return to base. 

Remember on Septemebr 22, 2017 the Janjaweed killed  five, wounded  25 and another six were kidnapped and presumed missing.  See our Iconclast Post: President Bashir’s Genocide Continues with Massacre at Kalma IDP Camp in Darfur.

This behavior does not warrant the Trump Administration lifting Sudan sanctions on October 12, 2017. If anything, the Administration should be considering the suggested actions contained in the final chapter of our book, Genocide in Sudan: Caliphate threatens Africa and the World.