What Happened At The Museum In Mosul, Or, Non-Muslim Art And Artifacts At Muslim Hands


What happened to the Hindu (and Jain) temples and temple complexes during the centuries of attempted Muslim conquest, and then the centuries of ultimate Muslim rule? What happened to the churches of Nestorian Christianity, that once extended from the Middle East all the way to China? What happened to the Buddhist statuary of India, intra and extra-Gangem? What happened to every single one of the synagogues in the Old City of Jerusalem, when held by the Musliim Jordanian Arabs, from 1948 to 1967? What happened to the Sphinx when Turkish Mamelukes were in control, until Napoleon came along to put a stop to it, and incidentally, made Egyptian hieroglyphics safe for study by Champollion, and later by Lepsius and other Egyptologists? What happened to the Buddhist stelae of the Gobi Desert, according to the testimony of many, incuding Mildred Cable? What happened when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, to the pitiful remnants of Greco-Bactrian civilization that secular-minded Afghans, and Westerners with power, had managed to collect and put in the tiny National Museum of Kabul? What happened — you do remember, don’t you? — to the Bamiyan Buddhas, that required modern explosives, and the know-how of Pakistani engineers, to properly destroy? And what would have happened even to the Pyramids, despite their being tourist attractions and hence a source of revenue, if the True-Bluest of Muslim Believers had, under Morsi or some other agent of the Ikhwan, firmly established their control?

Have I made anything up? Have I exaggerated? How do the Defenders of the Faith think they can continue to deny what Islam has done, what destruction it has wrought? Muslims themselves have been forbidden to paint pictures of human beings, have been forbidden to create statutes, have been forbidden to create music (the most primitive kind of local tribal music has here and there survived, but whenever the most ferocious and devout followers of Islam take control, instruments are smashed, musicians murdered). Islam has not only squelched the means of expression that all non-Islamic societies have permitted, but has encouraged the destruction of the monuments, the art work, the crafts, the everything, of non-Muslims of every variety.

What about it? The Crimes Of Islam Against Civilization are many, and you can see, “in the full light of history,” in Mosul at the museum, the same kind of thing that has gone on, here and there and there and there, for 1400 years.

What a story. What a history. 














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  1. Love your comments on the pyramids! I haven’t heard anybody say that, but even since before Morsi got in, I was telling anyone who would listen, that despite the tourist money, the MBs would DEFINITELY destroy the pyramids if allowed to consolidate power. People thought I was nuts, but they don’t understand jahilliyah (sp?). Who goes to Egypt for anything BUT the pyramids? It would have killed their tourist industry even more than it has already fallen. But nothing can stand in the way of Allah… or remind people of those inconvenient pre-Islam times.

  2. It may not be 1,400 years but more like 1250 odd, Islamic iconoclasm is nothing less than a war against the past and history itself, the need to prove al Tabari’s and Islam’s version of events. All artefacts and archaeology that contradict this must be destroyed (which is pretty much everything of the period).

    Barbaric Abbasid cult!

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