What’s Wrong With Sarkozy? Is He Stupid, Or Confused, Or Afraid?

From an interview with Nicolas Sarkozy:

President Nicolas Sarkozy —who also took part—said unity is the only dignified response to the terror attacks, but called immigration a complicating factor for France.

The tensions at the heart of French society are so great that we are all on the razor’s edge. I’m not kidding,” said Mr. Sarkozy, who is positioning himself to run for president in 2017, in an interview with French radio station RTL.

Immigration isn’t linked to terrorism, you understand, but it makes things more complicated,” he said.


What makes him say such obviously idiotic things? How  much longer does he, or do other politicians, think the French are going to stand for this? Muslim terrorism, Muslim interruptions of daily life, Muslim demands for changes in what schools teach, and how hospitals function, and how everything is done in France, Muslim demands to change what makes France France — all these are directly connected to the numbers of Muslims in France, or still allowed to enter France. The war of self-defense demands, in the first place, a recognition of demographic conquest. It has to be talked about. Measures must be taken. Amedy Colibaly was one of ten children. What did those ten children, what did that family, cost the French state as they grew up in Grigny*? What is it costing still? His girlfriend Hayat Boumediene is one of seven children. What has her Algerian family cost the French state, and what are her six siblings now doing of such value to the Republic? As for the Khouashi brothers, they don’t come from a big family, but that’s only because their parents both died, but haven’t they, with their lives as petty criminals taking advantage of free housing, free medical care, free everything, not to mention the cost in French lives, done quite enough on their little own?

The excitable Sarkozy lacks the weight, is not up to the task. And the first task, the sine qua non, for the survival of France as France, is to halt Muslim immigration and tp make life in France not Muslim-friendly but Muslim-hostile, so as to reduce Muslim numbers and reassure the French that they are not losing, inexorably, their country. It has to be done; France is not, despite the pollyanna fake reassurances of the newscasters and politicians, “unified.” The Muslims did not come out in numbers; they are not supporters of French man-made laws, they despise French customs and understandings. They do not accept that the Sharia can be ignored and French law obeyed, for French law is the product of mere men, and Infidel men, kuffars, at that. They do not believe that freedom of conscience is allowed; Muslims must not leave Islam or face punishment and, ideally, death. They do not believe that the man in the family should not have full rights over his wives and children, free to punish them if they act in an un-Islamic manner. They do not believe that men should not control women. They do not believe that skeptical thought is to be encouraged, do not believe that Muslims should offer allegiance to an Infidel nation-state or be forced to learn about, or pretend to take an interest in, the Infidel history of that Infidel nation.

Where, through tijme and across space, over 1400 years, from the Atlantic to the East Indies, wherever Muslims have come to dominate — and they have come to dominbate in many places without being a numerical majority —  have non-Muslims, Jews and Christians, Zoroastrains, Hindus and Buddhists, and many others, experienced anything but insecurity and suffering and, often, forced conversion or death?



*Grigny — an immigrant-filled town, full of baby carriages and babies, with a rate of natality 2.4 times that of native French.