Who Will Elizabeth Warren Endorse?

by Gary Fouse

Elizabeth Warren is showing us a lot about her character this week in her withdrawal from the Democrat primary. Yes, most of us recognized that she was a wacky liberal, and she cemented that perception in her “withdrawal announcement” by referring to “pinky promises” and the dreams of some little girl of seeing a woman president, all of which must have had adversaries like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un laughing their butts off. 

But consider this:  While Michael Bloomberg had enough sense to wake up Wednesday morning after Super Tuesday and cash in his chips ($500 million) and endorse Biden, Warren waited an extra day even though her own showing was just as disastrous. On top of that, she said she needed more time to decide on who to endorse. Excuse me? After all this time on the campaign trail, with no indication her own candidacy was going anywhere, and the field now down to Biden and Sanders (Tulsi Gabbard is still officially in the race), she still has no clue as to which candidate best matches her own beliefs and policies? (That would be Bernie Sanders, by the way.) She needs time to decide between Sanders and Biden? How about just before the Michigan primary for maximum timing and effect?

If Warren was really honest in her convictions, she would throw her support to Sanders, with whom she is in line philosophically.  But if she is just another party hack, she will do the bidding of the DNC and endorse Biden, just as the good soldiers Amy Klobechar and Pete Buttigieg did. They even dropped out and endorsed Biden just before Super Tuesday in order to really put the screws to Bernie. That no doubt shifted most of their votes to Biden, which proved crucial in states like Texas, Maine and Massachusetts.

I am guessing that Warren will go along with the party and endorse Biden just before Michigan goes to the polls. Of course, if she were really so committed to seeing a woman in the White House-any woman- she could throw her support to Gabbard, which might raise Tulsi’s poll numbers from 1% to 1.2%!

We knew Warren was dishonest when she wrote down on her applications to Harvard that she was part Cherokee Indian, something that Harvard touted when they hired her as a professor. This is a woman who talks about discrimination against “people of color,” but her dishonesty enabled her to get a job at Harvard, possibly at the expense of some real “woman or person of color”. (I add quotes here because I have always considered white to be a color. What can I say-I am old fashioned.)

Make no mistake: The deck is once again stacked against Sanders just as it was when the DNC worked hand in glove with the Clinton campaign to ensure that Hillary won the nomination in 2016. The timing of this week’s events demonstrate that. If Warren allows herself to be used as a tool in that endeavor, that will prove conclusively, once and for all, that she is just another opportunist hoping that the DNC will support her future endeavors. Who knows? Maybe Biden will even pick her as a running mate. (I can only pray.)


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