Why Donald Trump May Well Become Our Next President

by Rebecca Bynum (October 2015)

I attended a Donald Trump rally yesterday, October 3, in Franklin Tennessee. I’ve never seen attendance like it. I arrived an hour early and the line snaked around the building then back on itself around the building again – and the people kept coming and coming. They were mostly average working people, I estimate about a third were under 30. All were heartened by the crowd itself. Everyone I spoke to expressed renewed hope for America in this candidatemore>>>


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  1. Trump is very smart. He is also the only candidate not being triangulated by the pro-open borders GOPe and libertarian billionaire cabal, who work together while pretending to be at odds with each other.

    They have hedged their bets to control every other candidate (Carson is a bit of a variation on this, but it ends up in the same place). Club for Growth, which is described laughably as a TEA Party organization, is an invention of the libertarian cabal, and contrary to what is told to the grassroots, CfG and the Chamber of Commerce work hand-in-hand. Behind the scenes the Kochs work hand in hand with the GOP establishment — in fact, their mission in 2012 was to castrate the TEA Party and keep it fractured and weak, which they did using AFP, where they repeatedly told grassroots activists to sit down and shut up about immigration and what they termed other “social” issues. Or else, AFP’s outreach director warned/threatened repeatedly, they would be considered “raaciist” (as he surrounded himself with obnoxious Hispanic boyos hired to keep the older TEA Party people in line).

    It was ugly. But it largely worked.

    And so now we have people who are packaged as “outsider” candidates (Cruz, Walker, Fiorino, Paul) who are/were receiving funding from the very same people who fund Rubio and Bush. CfG is funding Paul, Cruz, Bush and Rubio — Walker was funded by one of CfG’s big names until he tried to go a little off the chain on immigration, and they yanked him hard.

    Cruz is quicker on his feet — he’s Jeopardy smart, after all — so he is keeping mum and hoping his speeches in the Senate are cover enough for the fact that he also has a dog collar around his neck put there by the open-borders libertarians who made his national career. I know Cruz followers hate to hear that, but it is evident if you just look at his donors — and his cautious silence on immigration. He will not talk about it, except to say secure the border, which is a no-brainer but means nothing.

    Like Cruz, Fiorino’s entire national campaign is chaired by Koch operatives (from Koch Foundations and 60+, their astroturfed grassroots alternative to the AARP) and also in her case Chamber bigwigs. So, she is pro-amnesty. Bush and Rubio — well, that’s understood.

    That leaves Carson, who has suddenly started trying to not say where he stands — making absurd statements such as ‘he hasn’t thought about immigration’ — because he is next in line for that big Chamber/libertarian infusion of cash, power, and friendly media (the latter being the most important) so long as he does not cross them on immigration.

    Trump is indeed our only hope. Vote for the Vulgarian: It’s Important.

  2. Truth be told: Trump isn’t your “regular” presidential candidate; but then neither was Pisistratus. Trump, in many ways, reminds me of Pisistratus’ rapid rise to power in ancient Athens.

    According to the Greek historian, Herodotus: Pisistratus, during his campaign to become Athens’ new leader, came into town one day leading a magnificently adorned white horse, pulling an equally resplendent chariot, upon which stood a statuesque woman, looking for all the world to be Athena herself, the goddess of Athens. Who, Pisistratus, hastily explained to the gathering crowds, had just decreed that he should be made king. Whereupon, he was promptly elected Athens’ new leader.

    Pisistratus, being the astute politician that he was, realized he actually needed a real power base if he was going to consolidate his rule before his ruse with the woman from the neighboring village was publicly exposed, took the extraordinary step of turning to the common Athenians for support. By reducing their taxes and introducing free loans to allow the people to build up their farms — undermining the whole hierarchy of aristocrats and political elites of the day along the way — the Athenian economy grew by leaps and bounds and Pisistratus’ claim to leadership was never questioned.

    The same can be said of Trump. Trump is popular with independent, middle-class Americans because it gives them a chance to be their own power base rather than being the base of someone else’s power.

  3. Good get Rebecca. There are several things that set Trump apart; he is not a lawyer, not a professional politician, and he is not afraid of getting a bad rap in the Press. Yet the one thing that makes him unique is success. He is good at what he does. We don’t need diplomacy in governance so much as we need effectiveness. Or maybe we just need a doctor.

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