Why Oslo Failed: Confronting “Peace Now”

by Louis René Beres (November 2015)

Notwithstanding the latest “Peace Now” demonstrations in Tel-Aviv, Oslo Agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority remain destined to fail. This is not because of any Israeli “right-wing government intransigence,” but on account of an immutably corrupted Palestinian doctrine.  more>>>


3 Responses

  1. Good grief. The reason Oslo was doomed to fail is because it pandered to Islam. I don’t need page after page of analysis to substantiate this. I just need to know about a”religion” with 1.8 billion followers.

  2. Terrorism is war by another name, declared or undeclared. As such, the best response is lethal force and martial law. To continue to treat terrorists as common criminals is to play a fools game, a game where the aggressor has no rules and victims are hamstrung by convention. The strategic solution to Fatah and Hamas should be the same as that proposed solution to ISIS – unconditional defeat.

  3. Oslo was and is a great success, judging by its outcomes 20 years later.
    Lets look at the facts. three million Muslims who could have achieved Israeli citizenship South african style (One Man One Vote, One time) were given a bogus citizenship. The value of PA citizenship is in the ability to collect Jyzia from the EU (which they did before and after Oslo via UNWRA) or emigrate to the Jyzia providers (which hundreds of thousands did)
    Israel, a socialist backward economy in 1993 with 3 billion doolars in foreign reserves is now in the top twenty economies of the world with 90 billion in foreign reserves, and less debt per person than any Western country (Bar Switzerland and Luxembourg).
    Israel, which in 1995 had a non-recplacement fertitlity (two children per woman) is now at a demographic binge, with 3 children per woman, and on a steady rise. As a Peditarician serving the lowe and middle class I routinely see families of four children, self-feeding, never on welfare.
    Israel is the only nation in the world able to fen of a migratory attack across its long borders, or an aerial attack (no hostile air raid in 40 years!!) or a missile attack (Iron Dome, David sling, Arrow I II III, Wind-cheater for APC’s and tanks, Sky Guard for civillian airliners)
    The PA is absolutely dependent on Israel fro survival. For Israel to dispose of the PA and all its citizens all it has to do is suspend all services, and open the door to migration to Germany.
    Bottom Line: Oslo is a great success, and Rabin was a great prescient leader. Those who murdered him either misunderstood, or understood all too well.

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