Wilders’ PVV Vaults to Top Party in Latest Dutch Public TV Poll

France’s Marine Le Pen of National Front and Geert Wilders of Dutch Freedom Party (PVV)

Source: Twitter/geertwilderspvv

The great wave of largely Muslim immigration flooding the EU and the Netherlands is vaulting Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party to the largest party in the Netherlands in polls taken by Dutch public TV.  The result is the PVV now tops the Rutte ruling coalition in a hypothetical Hague Parliament snap election.

Note this translated report from De Stemming:



EenVandaag (@eenvandaag)

29-09-15 13:05

#DeStemming: VVD 23 (-1), PvdA 11 (-1), PVV 34 ( +7), CDA 19 (-), SP 18 (-3), GL 9 (+3), D66 19 (-2), CU 6 (-1), SGP 3, PvdD 3 , 50PLUS 5


According to De Stemming, the monthly political poll of EenVandaag (Dutch public television), conducted by research bureau GfK, the PVV gains seven seats this month and is now virtually the biggest party in the country.

Never before has the party of Geert Wilders had as many seats as this month. Coalition parties VVD and PvdA each lose one seat and respectively have 23 and 11 seats now. As a result, the PVV is now as large as both coalition parties combined.

If we look at the electorate that did not vote PVV last month and does so now, it is clear that the movement in the direction of Wilders’ party has one single cause: the flow of refugees heading for Europe and the Netherlands, and the problems resulting from this. The participants of the poll indicate that they are very worried by this and they refer to incidents in the past weeks surrounding centers for asylum seekers and municipalities where refugees are housed. Three months ago, the voters who now flock to PVV were supporting other parties: VVD, but also SP, PvdD, 50plus and CDA lose voters to Wilders.

Dutch PM Mark Rutte Haarlem Emergency Center September 21, 2015

Source:  Facebook/PM

Our  colleague Fjordman  (Peder Jensen) sent us this NL Times report highlighting Dutch police union concerns  about segregating immigrants given recent clashes with Muslims in emergency reception centers in the Netherlands, “Police union: Migrants should be segregated by religion”:

The Dutch Police Union NPB is concerned about increasing violence among asylum seekers as police forces are having to bolster their efforts to maintain peace around refugee reception centers, the union told newspaper AD. They advocate splitting up refugees into groups based on religion, and perhaps also nationality or ethnicity to help calm the situation down.

President of the NPB Han Busker is asking the Central Organization for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) to take into careful consideration the makeup of residents at reception centers. It is in everybody’s interests, and not just those of the asylum seekers, for safer and more peaceful operations, he added.

Fighting last week at reception centers in both Utrecht and Almelo required a massive police turnout to control the situations. Although it is not clear if ethnic or religious tension were the main cause of the unrest, Gert van der Kamp of another police union, APB, also echoed his colleague’s sentiment. He intends to raise the issue with the Dutch cabinet.

A spokesperson from the COA told AD that separating people of different religions and ethnicities is a policy from decades past, and that modern experience has shown that desegregating the refugee population is more sustainable and manageable.

However, Peter Wijninga from The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies highlights that the reports of abuses from the German asylum centers should be a warning of the frictions that arise when all ethnic groups are lumped together.





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  1. This sort of news should drive the politicians right into Wilders arms, yet they are more determined than ever. What do they know or what have they planned that they can totally disregard the wishes of their voters.

  2. In light of recent events in eastern/ central Europe, it is interesting to reflect on the fact that Wilders’ wife is from Hungary.

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