Will Biden Be the Nominee?

by Gary Fouse

Now that Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the race and endorsed Joe Biden, and now that Barack Obama has finally given his endorsement to Biden, it now seems that the Democrat nominee to run for president is decided.

Not so fast.

I am no political expert or pundit, but I still believe that the nominee will be someone other than Biden.

For one thing, even though he is the only candidate left standing and leads in the delegate count, he has not obtained the requisite number of delegates to secure the nomination thanks to the suspension of the primaries due to the Corona virus. That means a brokered convention is still possible.

But even if he had the delegates required, I still think it’s going to be someone else.

The main reason is obvious. Biden is clearly in the initial stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s. With every passing day, the gaffes are getting worse, the inability to put a string of thoughts together. The very idea of a man or woman ascending to the presidency in this state is unthinkable.

To what extent this recent accusation of sexual assault against Biden will be important, I don’t know. Yes, the mainstream media is ignoring it, much unlike the attention given to the accusation(s) against Brett Kavanaugh. That is just further evidence of the hypocrisy of the left and the media. I should add that the allegation is as yet uncorroborated, and I am giving Biden the same presumption of innocence I gave to Kavanaugh. That is only fair.

So here is what I envision happening in the coming weeks. First, Biden will announce that his running mate will be….pick your female. I would guess Amy Klobuchar, who, at least, is not an off-the-wall radical in the spirit of Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, or (gasp) Stacey Abrams.

Whether or not the primaries resume giving Biden the necessary delegates or they are cancelled is a question I cannot predict. However, it would probably be in the DNC’s best interests to cancel them and deny Biden from gaining the delegates he needs to clinch it.

At some point prior to the convention, however, the party leaders are going to convince Biden that he is in no condition to handle the presidency, cannot defeat Trump, and that he should step down due to health reasons. I think that eventually, Biden will accept reality and withdraw.

And if he doesn’t? Assuming nobody has the necessary delegates at convention time, we will see a brokered convention-even though Sanders previously said that whoever had the most delegates should get the nomination.

The Democrats have no good option. Had they robbed Sanders of the nomination (when Sanders was the front-runner), they would have lost many of their voters. They will also look bad in denying Biden the nomination if he insists on being the nominee. It’s pick your poison, but I think they will try to draft a new candidate who they feel has a real chance of beating Trump. Klobuchar might be one, but this can change from week to week. Right now the flavor of the month would seem to be New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is front and center in the Corona crisis, and at this point, could come out of it looking like a hero or an incompetent.

Of course, there is another theory out there; that Biden will win the election, and after a suitable amount of time, will resign due to health reasons with his vice president ascending to the presidency. Some conclude that none other than Hillary Clinton is lurking in the shadows in this scenario. The problem still remains that Biden has almost no chance to win-especially with Hillary on the ticket. (I know-that’s what they all said about Trump.)

I think in the end, Biden will be the good soldier-just as Sanders has become the good soldier. The bottom line is this: Whatever one thinks of Biden or his views, he is in a state of mental decline. Were he healthy, he would have been the least objectionable of all the original Democrat candidates. That is no longer the point. Biden simply is in no condition to carry on.


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