David Gaubatz, CAIR and the ISNA

by Jerry Gordon (July 2009)

David Gaubatz is probably the most intrepid of counterterrorism private investigators. His pioneering work in investigating extremist Mosques in America has documented the Saudi Wahhabi funding of three fourths of American Mosques. His research has developed metrics based on Shariah law that provide indicators of radicalism in these Mosques. We noted
his considerable accomplishments:
WorldNet Daily, the American Thinker and the Atlas Shrugs blog.
[email protected].
I communicated with the primary officer who had questioned me. We both know I was one innocent action away from being killed. These officers had recently gone through the Holocaust Museum tragedy, and they were on edge. If I had not been trained and done everything cordially and professionally, I might have been shot. Many citizens may have innocently or nervously reached for a wallet in a glove compartment, or reached into a bag to get registration. Based on the information CAIR and their supporters had given the Metro PD, they might have been shot. This was what CAIR was trying to provoke.
Gaubatz: These agencies will be there to support and give credibility to ISNA and the other terrorist supporters with the same ideology. This does not mean numerous individual DOJ and FBI personnel desire to have anything to do with these terror-supporting groups. On the contrary, they may be attending to pick up intelligence.
Gordon: Do you believe that your ejection was a violation of free speech rights as a working journalist and investigator on Islamic extremism?
Gordon: What is next on your 50 state Counterterrorism Tour this summer?

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