Fighting Muslim Brotherhood Lawfare and Rabbinic Fatwas: An Interview with Dr. Charles Jacobs

by Jerry Gordon (February 2011)

Dr. Charles Jacobs is an entrepreneur activist based in Boston. We have written about his exploits in “Chelm on the Charles River”  as he endeavored to arouse the Boston Community against the rise of Jihadism in the battle over the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC) controlled by Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Muslim American Society (MAS), with terror financier enablers and anti-Semitic trustees. We have also witnessed his valued attempts to warn the Boston Jewish Community of the dangers and delusions of interfaith Muslim dialogue.

Myths and Facts, a compilation of charges against Israel followed by an explanation of how each charge is wrong, a distortion, a fabrication. This does not work. You answer one lie and before you know it, another one comes up. You can do this forever. What you are doing is perpetuating a conversation in which Israeli conduct and Jewish behavior are under a microscope, and Jews are on the defense stand. That will never win, but we do it anyway. Most establishment Jewish groups are reactive and apply defensive tactics. What has to happen to change this takes some courage. We have to start changing the conversation and go on the offense by talking about what the Islamists world is and what they do, and the human rights crimes they commit. We have to change the conversation, starting off, perhaps with a campaign whose clear purpose is to say: “They lie about us, all the time, perpetually. Here are ten lies. Now guess what? It turns out that they are actually guilty of what they charge us with. I’ve heard it called “turn-speak.” Here’s how we must respond: “Apartheid?” Glad you asked. Let me tell you all about Arab/Islamist apartheid, starting with the Copts, or if you like, the black Africans.” Etc, etc, etc. Have you noticed a pattern here? Everything they charge us with, they do themselves. Land theft? Wow!, that’s an easy one. Brutality? Easier still. Get the picture?

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