Is CAIR’s 2010 Strategy Plan a Fiasco?

by Jerry Gordon (Nov. 2008)

The release went on to note:

Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a self-described public interest civil rights law firm, may have engaged in criminal fraud. Mapping Sharia calls for a full investigation by the appropriate government agencies. The victims of this fraud may also be due compensation for their losses and suffering.

What was unusual about these allegations is that they were brought to Gaubatz and colleagues by disaffected Muslim Americans, the victims of the alleged criminal fraud.

The Mapping Sharia press release went on to reveal the extensive disaffection within CAIR:

Here are some telling excerpts:

By December 31, 2010, we will be supporting a $12,000,000 budget, $5,000,000 at national. We will have a presence covering all states, with at least 28 state chapters and 35 strategically located offices.

We will have grown to at least 60,000 members, looking to represent 75,000 people.

We will impact local Congressional districts with each chapter influencing at least two legislators through strong grass roots responses. We will focus on influencing Congressmen responsible for policy that directly impacts the American Muslim community. For example Congressmen on the judiciary, intelligence, and homeland security committees. We will develop national initiatives such as lobby day and placing Muslim interns in Congressional offices. We will work to add at least 30,000 new voter registrations.

CAIR trumpeted one element of the “hearts and minds” campaign, the delivery of more than 40,000 press kits to newspaper editors, radio and TV stations and electronic media outlets in a blitz distribution in late 2007. Note this report from


The guide and the campaign were developed by the nonprofit advocacy group’s national office. The campaign’s aim is to provide the Islamic perspective on such issues as democracy, women’s rights, and “interfaith relations.”

CAIR plans to distribute the publication to as many as 40,000 editors, reporters, and producers at major media outlets across the country, as part of the broader initiative to educate the media about Islam.

There is only one problem with this Grand Jihad plan of CAIR. The money to do all this may not be there. Gaubatz estimates that more than half of CAIR’s budget comes from Middle East sources, principally Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Emirates. With the increasing revelations unearthed by David Gaubatz, Andrew Whitehead, Daniel Pipes and others, coupled with the plummeting oil prices caused by the global economic slowdown, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates may have to significantly curtail their support for CAIR. Thus, the original 2010 strategic objectives of CAIR may not be possible. For example, to grow from the current base of 5,100 CAIR members to over 60,000 members in less than two years requires a stretch of the imagination.

But Gaubatz and his team are making the leadership at CAIR nervous. He notes:

For several years former CAIR associates have provided me detailed intelligence pertaining to CAIR’s alleged criminal and/or unethical activities. CAIR’s Awad, Saylor and Hooper know I have an enormous amount of intelligence on them. The more released, the more nervous they become, the more nervous, the more they talk to my sources.

Gaubatz may be the best intelligence source for the battle against the Grand Jihad in America.

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