And Now the Target is Mother’s Day

by Armando Simón

            In an earlier piece I wrote that although I initially had the same Pavlovian response to the phrase “conspiracy theories” as everyone and sneered at anything so labeled, I had slowly come to the conclusion that such things do exist. After all, we, the peasants, do not sit in on meetings between CEOs of multinational companies, nor in meetings of diplomats and politicians to enforce policies, nor in board rooms of the media deciding which stories to suppress and which to promote. Nor do they ask us, the rabble, for our input. After all, coordination in a complex society is absolutely necessary and the elites do not broadcast their actions or decisions. As such, “conspiracies” (i.e., agreements, plans, accords) have always existed throughout history.

Their effectiveness depends on secrecy. If these things are known to be in effect, one can be conscious of them and put up resistance, if necessary.

I wrote that there was one telltale sign that pointed to “conspiracy theories” being at work. It is what I call the Principle of Simultaneity. In their eagerness to promote a policy and in their arrogance, simultaneous manifestations or attacks will occur. For example, in Gamergate, in a three-day period, 19 articles came out bashing players and praising anti-gamer social justice warriors (SJWs). Some days later, 12 anti-gamer articles were published on the same day. Likewise, in 1990, for the Fall season in television, all of a sudden, homosexual characters pervaded the programs; even characters who had been obvious heterosexuals in the previous season were now portrayed as being gay, with no explanation given. Then, last year, we suddenly had drag queens, drag queens, drag queens, drag queens, in schools and public libraries.

Those are not coincidences.

Recently, another bizarre message started to saturate the culture. In America, the second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is a holiday that most of us hold dear. But, following the fate of Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Columbus Day, and Independence Day, it too has now come under attack by liberals, albeit in a subtle form, and declared it an equally traumatic event. Kay Jewelers, Kroger, Fry’s Food Store, Kay Jewelrers, Door Dash, Hallmark, Nespresso, Levi’s,, Buy Buy Baby, Etsy, Cartier, Levain Bakery, Uncommon Goods, Canvas on Demand, Keto Chow, Beauty Counter, Stitch Fix,  Thomas Sabo, Mac, Milk and Honey Spa simultaneously sent out an email to their customers apologizing for Mother’s Day, using the same identical language (as if they were using a template), namely that Mother’s Day can be traumatic to some people and they may get triggered if the holiday is mentioned, so the company is sensitive to those poor souls in pain and they can opt out of any messages from companies that mention that terribly traumatic event.

The degree of coordination in such conspiracies is, as always, impressive.

But also note that the customers for many of these companies are women, and the companies are essentially spitting on the face of mothers. The same thing happened with Gillette and Bud Lite towards men and Maybelline towards women; they spit on the face of their customers and apparently expected to be praised for it.

This is not a coincidence. It is a conspiracy.

It would be invaluable to discover the mechanisms involved: who comes up with the idea, who contacts whom, do they get together to meet or is it by phone and email, what rationale is given, how did the perpetrators get into positions of power, are there no objections from others in the company and if so how do they silence dissent? It would be truly fascinating to know the dynamics.

Now, why did this Mother’s Day assault occur? My guess is that it ties with another trend being promoted by liberals.  Remember that leftists are not only anti-family, they have been trying to erase the identity of women. Being totalitarians employing Newspeak, they have tried replacing the word “women” with “birthing people” and “menstruating person” and keep insisting that men can have menstrual periods and get pregnant. They have also promoted the inclusion of men pretending to be women into women’s sports, where they walk away grinning with the prizes, titles, awards, praise, fame, scholarships that should rightfully go to women (incidentally, where are the shrieking feminists in all this?).

Perhaps the National Organization of Women should change its name to the National Organization of Birthing People.

The Twitter Files have conclusively proven even to the most skeptical of people that conspiracies are real. When Musk took over Twitter, leftists went into hysterics and for good reason. Not only was he going to reestablish free speech—anathema for leftists—in Twitter, but he opened up files for the public. These files revealed that leftists within the government had collaborated with leftist management in Twitter to suppress information, i.e., censor, such as the Hunter Biden laptop, injuries from the covid vaccines, and other opinions that they did not want aired.

Now comes the attack on Mother’s Day.

What other conspiracies remain to be uncovered?


Armando Simón is a retired psychologist and author of Very Peculiar Stories and Wichita Women.