(Psst! They’re real.)

by Armando Simón

“In the field of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind.”  —Louis Pasteur


Like everyone else, I have been conditioned to sneer at anything labeled “a conspiracy theory” and automatically dismiss whatever is being labeled “a conspiracy theory.”

Prior to the Twitter files coming to light, I began asking myself a question: “But what if some conspiracy theories . . . are . . . real?”

And I am not the only one that has begun to pose the question.

Stopping myself from a Pavlovian response and actually thinking about it, some things began to slowly coalesce in my head.

The first time the seed that some conspiracy theories might be plausible was planted in 1980 and it was just an observation. In that year, in the Fall season with new television series and the continuation of popular ones, suddenly there were a plethora of homosexual characters in the various TV series. Some of the characters who had been obviously and actively heterosexual in the past were suddenly portrayed as gay—with no explanation whatsoever. Entertainment Weekly, an apolitical fluff magazine dedicated to movies and television, remarked on the phenomenon at length in its October 1980 issue.

(Recently, it has come to light that children’s television programs have become saturated with sanitized homosexual characters in order to promote homosexuality on children)

The second time was when I read a very good book with a terrible title,  SJWs Always Lie. Among other things, it detailed GamerGate. In a nutshell, a woman wrote a computer game called Depression Quest, which was boring and crude, so it resulted in overwhelming number of bad player reviews. Yet, it was being promoted in gaming magazines. “Two notorious attention-seeking SJW fame whores” got involved, and the “Computer gamers are misogynists!” trope  started (which you probably heard). New York Times, Playboy, and Time Magazine and news networks took up the crusade against gamers supposedly being misogynists, racists, yada, yada, yada. In a three-day period, 19 articles came out bashing players and praising these “SJW fame whores.” Then, the social media 4chan purged anyone who defended gamers. 12 anti-gamer articles were published on the same day. But, unlike conservatives, gamers effectively fought back with various tactics in “the certain knowledge that there was a media conspiracy against them.” The conspiracy was ultimately proven to exist, partly with the help of Milo Yiannopoulos, and the miscreants suffered.

Incidentally, Wikipedia, which has become a leftist propaganda tool, demonizes GamerGate and participant gamers while eulogizing the “notorious attention-seeking SJW fame whores.” That the trope continues to this day just goes to show how relentless the left is in promoting its propaganda.

Thinking About Conspiracy Theories       

Conspiracies are real. They exist and they have always existed. The thing is, everyone knows this. Except we usually do not refer to them as “conspiracy theories.”

Think about it. Politicians “conspire” with one another to outmaneuver the opposing politicians, to get bureaucracies to do certain things and to screw over the public. Diplomats “conspire” to get international agreements done, to invade other countries, and to obtain personal benefits for themselves. Anonymous bureaucrats get together to advance or impede laws and edicts that have been issued (Japan’s deep state has been notorious at this for decades). Heads of companies, and heads of economic institutions “conspire” to manipulate the market, to get the public to invest (buy) something, or to “corner the market” of a commodity. Leftist bureaucrats in the American government “conspire” to give foreign aid to other countries—in other words, taking money from poor people in rich countries to give to rich people in poor countries.

When put that way, it becomes obvious conspiracies are real.

Are you ever in the meetings between diplomats? Do you rub shoulders with the arrogant, power-hungry elite at Davos? Are you in the decision-making conference tables of CNN, ABC, NYT, Conde Nast, NPR, etc.? Have you sat in on a meeting of Senators (for that matter, have you ever met one of those sonsofabitches? When was the last time you sat down with arrogant Bill Gates and other multimillionaires to plan the future of society?

You and I are not privy to all these. You and I are not part of the elites that regularly get together to plan and discuss whatever matters is of concern to them, but which affects us all, so we do not know what is going to take place ahead of time, we do not realize we are being manipulated, and sometimes we are not even aware that these agreements (conspiracies) took place, but believe they happened spontaneously sui generis. A lot of other times, however, we feel that there is something wrong, we know something is going on, but we cannot point to anything specific (as was the case initially in the 2020 electoral fraud). As Yogi Berra remarked: “You can observe a lot just by watching.” Regardless, there is no doubt that a lot of planning, and even execution, takes place in the shadows. Or rather, what is to us peasants, the shadows.

The Principle of Simultaneity

In America, the conspiracies can be detected by one element: because of the perpetrators’ eagerness and their arrogance, their effects are manifested nearly simultaneously in multiple venues. For example, in 2021, in the space of three months, drag queens began to saturate the schools and libraries and have since escalated in frequency. In 2021, all of a sudden, it was drag show, drag show, drag show. As if it had been planned and ordered. And these drag shows occurred in places where they had no business being.




None of the proponents have bothered to explain what do drag shows have to do with learning history, mathematics and science, or why is it important for children to see a fat man wearing women’s clothing rotate his crotch in front of children’s faces. UK’s Calvin Robinson hit the nail on the head when he asked, “Ask not why your children need to spend time with drag queens. Ask why drag queens are so keen to spend time with your children.”

And it is continuing in other venues, courtesy of liberals/democrats. Even zoos are infected.

Perhaps the words coming out of one of these drag queens says it best: “I am thrilled to be given this incredible opportunity to corrupt young minds with queerdo stories, aesthetics, and politics…” Another one admitted the purpose was to groom children. Along the same lines, a group of homosexuals (the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus) boasted in song that they were going to sodomize our children. Boston Gay Men’s Chorus sings, “Your Children are not your children.”

The whole goal of taking children to drag shows is desensitization. Done often enough, and with plenty of jokes, toys, music and the like, children who would feel disgusted by seeing a man in a dress reading a book would later feel less so in seeing a man dressed as a woman with grotesque makeup twerking in front of their faces, and ultimately the children would not feel disgusted at fellatio (some school libraries have books encouraging it—illustrated). That is the ultimate goal.

Working in tandem, there was also a three-pronged drive to convince children in schools (a) to become transgender (b) and/or to become homosexual and (c) to introduce homosexual pornography in libraries, particularly school libraries. Many of the “activist” teachers are obviously perverts, dressing and speaking flamboyantly, and some  possibly mentally ill who make no bones about their intent.

Another example of simultaneity for the sake of manipulation was the sudden explosion of mixed-race couples in advertising, usually consisting of a black male and a white female. This in-your-face change for reasons unknown has been widely noted, from Joe Biden and Chris Rock to various internet commentators. The ubiquity of these ads was no accident. It was obviously planned and executed.

Another example of a proven conspiracy theory, involving simultaneity is an attack on an individual named Joe Rogan.

There is another activity which points to an end goal which I frankly find difficult to accept because, if true, it is too horrible to believe that there are such people. It began with one of AOC’s many bizarre statements, to wit, that flatulence by cattle causes global warming (the leftist government of New Zealand proposed taxing cow farts). Then, beginning in 2021 and increasing in 2022, a series of promotional articles lauded the wonderful idea that people should start eating bugs, particularly crickets, instead of beef (beef would be reserved for the elites). There is also cockroach milk. And cricket corn chips. And EU-approved cricket pasta (the Italian government, under the Trump-like Giorgia Meloni—automatically labeled a fascist by liberals— banned the proposal). Predictably, the Washington (Com)Post urged people to eat salted ants and crickets for Thanksgiving instead of ham and turkey.

As with homosexuality and CRT, indoctrination of children has begun.

But it gets worse. A number of food processing plants in the United States and elsewhere have sustained damage, including fires, in a relatively short time. Hand in hand with this dismal state of affairs, I have heard from people who raise chickens that some chicken feed caused the fowls to stop laying eggs, which resulted in the egg shortage that quintupled the price of eggs.

Meanwhile, in Holland, the leftist government attempted to eradicate farms. The farmers revolted, in spite of attempted repression, and the public supported the farmers so that their newly formed political party won the recent election and swept the elites from power. For now.

And then, there is Joe Biden’s cryptic statement while in Europe: “And we both talked about how we could increase and disseminate more rapidly food shortages.” Perhaps it is relevant that he is also trying to outlaw gas stoves. Several Democrat-run cities have done so already.

All of this in a relatively short period of time.

That Which Must Not Be Mentioned

Absence of activity when one would expect there to be a frenzy of activity is another form of conspiracy. Elsewhere, I have noted that news blackouts (aka, censorship) are more dangerous than fake news (aka, propaganda). Case in point is the Hunter Biden laptop. Considering the explosive contents found in that crackhead’s laptop, one would have predicted that the entire news network would have had a feeding frenzy. Instead, what we found was a deliberate news blackout by the media hivemind.

When the Clintons left the White House, they stole $192,000 worth of items. They were ordered to return the items, which they did. When Hillary Clinton left the State Department, she, too, walked away having stolen a number of items. She was ordered to return them. The reaction from the media hivemind? Silence.

Here is another instance. Tucker Carlson was able to obtain footage from inside the Capitol on January 6. He showed it to the public. It contradicted the liberals’ narrative that barbarians were running amok inside the building overturning statues and furniture, setting fires, all the while giving the Nazi salute.

Liberals in DC and New York became hysterical over the revelation, as is their wont.

More footage would be revealed.

And then . . . nothing.

Very curious.

Also curious was the news network ignoring for days the train derailment of toxic chemicals in East Palestine, whereas ordinarily they would instantly send hundreds of reporters to some town having dirty water.

Very odd.

Are Coincidences Proof of a Conspiracy Theory?

Coincidences exist. Prior to today’s toxic environment in society, courtesy of liberals, coincidences have always fascinated people. No less a person than Carl Jung examined these—sometimes spooky—occurrences, which he labeled “synchronicity.” I have experienced instances of coincidence, as I am sure the reader has. Nothing nefarious in that.

However, there are coincidences and coincidences, and although a coincidence may not be proof of something truly nefarious, sometimes an instance of coincidence screams to one that a manipulative entity may be at work. Case in point is the recent Project Veritas upheaval. Its board of directors suddenly removed James O’Keefe days after  he aired a blockbuster video where one of its officers stated that Pfizer was mutating Covid-19 viruses in order to make and sell vaccines once the mutation is released. This on top of another undercover video where a Pfizer employee admitted that natural immunity is better than the vaccines. Did the multibillion-dollar company influence the board of directors? At this point of time, there is no definite proof. Just a really bad smell.

The Twitter Files

The Twitter Files have proven beyond anyone’s skepticism that conspiracy theories are at times dead on. Thanks to Elon Musk taking control over Twitter, he revealed what most of us knew or suspected, but were ridiculed by leftists and the media hivemind for even thinking such a thing. Not only did Twitter indeed constantly ban/censor/shadow ban views and people that were politically incorrect—dissidents—but what was much worse the Communists in the Biden administration regularly met and told Twitter leftists which views and people needed to be censored—and were censored. In short, the Democrats were engaged in censorship.

Liberals went into hysterics (again) when Musk implemented free speech and shone a light on their skullduggery. As for the media hivemind . . . silence.

To sum up, conspiracies are real. They take place. They have always been part of human affairs. The same is true for secret conspiracies directed against the public by arrogant elites. The evidence is there.


Armando Simón is a native of Cuba, a retired psychologist, author of The Book of Many Books and Orlando Stories.


11 Responses

  1. Which conspiracy theories are accurately predictive adequately, comprehensive,
    permit control of variables in future domains, and retroactively evidence-based?

  2. Entertainment Weekly started in 1990, and I remember it as a new magazine back then. I was in university. You might be referring to some other entertainment fluff magazine, of which there have doubtless been many.

    WRT GamerGate, the book’s description is quite correct. As I recall, Zoe Quinn was also widely accused of sleeping her way to good reviews, and defenders took great offense at this without necessarily denying its truth. The accusation, even if accurate, was deemed misogyny.

    1. I have the magazine in my hand. It is October 1980. I kept it all these years because I thought the phenomenon was so odd at the time.

    2. Good Lord, my apologies! I can’t understand how my eyes/brain played such a trick on me, but the issue was October 2000. I kept looking at it several times, but somehow it registered in my head as 1980. Bizarre! I can’t explain it.

      1. Happens to me more often of late. I noticed that this especially for items I did not read fully because I was what was there in the first place etc. Coming back to it shows what I there was not existing, sometimes not even close what I thought I have seen. The only explanation I have is that this is the way brain works – we are very good at pattern recognition and this process can be show results early which is an advantage if you see a snake or a tiger in a jungle. It causes confusion and errors when you want accuracy i.e. while reading etc. I suspect also that age plays a role and not necesserily due to cognitive decline but due to the massive amount of memories stored already in the brain – the recognition is faster because we have more patterns to compare to and can jump out of the process with a result (a tiger! run!) earlier. This is obviously less accurate. There are other factors at play as well. Being tired and stressed etc.
        Just my thinking on this.

      2. One interesting thing about this is that you engaged with the correspondent and then admitted your mistake. This is something many other current commentators and journalists do not have the courage or integrity to do.

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