When submitting to New English Review please follow these guidelines.

For most articles and all poetry and fiction, submissions are only accepted between the first and the 20th of the month. All submissions for the following month should be received by the 20th (for instance, if you are submitting for July’s issue, have your work in by June 20). Time sensitive or newsworthy articles and essays may be submitted anytime.

Original Work
Original work only.

File Formats
Word (doc, docx) or Text (txt) or Rich Text.


  • No formatting should be used in your file.
  • All paragraphs should be left justified.
  • Use Verdana or Arial fonts.
  • All numbered or bulleted lists must be indented.
  • Do not use page numbering in your Word file.

All quotes must be cited in the text or with an endnote. Footnotes are not used. All quotes must be specified as such with a quotation at the beginning and end of the quote.

If using Word format, all links must be embedded using Word’s hyperlink function. Highlight the word or phrase to which you want to add a link, click CTRL + K, then paste the link in the “Address” field. If using TXT format please include link URL within parentheses, e.g. (http//newenglishreview.org)

All graphics should be in JPEG format. If the image is copyrighted or used with permission, you must state the copyright holder or the image owner who provided permission. If image is taken from the internet, provide a link to the image as a separate line, e.g., Image from: URL.

Use italics as infrequently as possible, or not at all.

Clarity and Tone
Your submission should be of the highest quality and with a clear tone to get your message across in the strongest way that you can.

New English Review does not have a minimum or maximum word count.

When writing dialogue the speaker must be clearly identified in the text.

If you want your poetry formatted in a manner other than left justified please format your poem in the way that you would like it to appear to the reader. We will replicate your formatting should your work be accepted.

Biographical Statement
Please include a short biographical statement (with a link to your website or any publications if you should wish to include them).  

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