So Where Are the Feminists?

by Armando Simón (May 2022)

Dämmerung (from Ecce Homo)
, George Grosz, 1922


Trannies need us to play along or the entire illusion comes crashing down. Think “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” but with a psychologically fragile monarch and a kingdom full of subjects afraid that if they speak the truth, the emperor will kill himself. Viewed that way, the little boy at the story’s end is the villain. –David Cole


We had International Women’s Day in March (in reality it lasts all year), which sparked some thoughts on that gender.

Feminists have for decades consistently declared, among other things, that they support women and their welfare, that all women should be believed when they say they have been raped, that women should have a greater role in society and that women should be equal in every way to men.

So where are the feminists?

It’s not like they have disappeared. Not too long ago, they mobilized thousands of ferocious feminists to shriek—and, yes, that is exactly what they did, shriek— both inside and outside Congress against the confirmation of Bret Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. And before that, they had an enormous gathering in Washington DC, wearing their “pussy hats.” Look at pictures of both those events and you will see numerous feminists wild-eyed and odious, with their mouths opened so wide they could have swallowed a racoon.

Then, we had the #MeToo movement wherein we are all supposed to automatically believe every accusation of rape—unless of course, the accusation was directed at a Democrat politician (none other than The Queen of Hate, Gloria Steinem excused Bill Clinton on his serial rapes).

Yet, at the same time that this was going on, other liberals were—and still are—intent on allowing as many Muslims into western countries as they can get away with. Now, it is an undeniable fact that the Islamic religion, both through dogma and through practice, is fundamentally misogynistic on so many levels, from Sharia law to feminine clothing to legal rights. By any rational basis, feminists should be deeply antagonistic to allowing Muslims into this country, since the latter openly declare that they wish to make the entire world conform to Muslim dogma. Yet, not only are feminists not active in blocking immigration, but at times seem to indirectly encourage it. Witness Linda Sarsour, the hijab wearing Muslim who was co-chair of the 2017 Women’s March, the 2017 Day Without a Woman, and the 2019 Women’s March.

But that is not all. Leftists are now attempting to erase women. At no other time in recent history have women’s identity as a whole come under attack in one way or another by psychotic extremists. Since some progressive individual noticed that the term Negroes had been supplanted by the term colored folks, which had been supplanted by blacks, which was supplanted by the term African-American, which a couple of years ago was recently by People of Color, an unknown progressive decided to change the label Latino for Latinx or Latynx—terms which most Hispanics finds insulting. Well, now women are not women anymore, but womynx and womyx. Some transgenders are so full of hate, if not self-hate, that they urge others to kill real women.

And since transgenders are now all the rage with liberals, near the top of the Victimology hierarchy, women are referred by The New York Times as “menstruators,” Newsweek refers to mothers as “birthing people,” Vogue refers to women as “people with vaginas.” Worse, the prestigious medical journal Lancet, refers to women as “bodies with vaginas” (which brings to mind Theodore Dalrymple’s observation, “Political correctness is like a poison gas that can seep into the most unlike places”). In fact, the terms women and mothers are being erased by progressives. Case in point the women’s college, Saint Mary’s College, which henceforth will be known as a “College for Menstruating People.” Consider that feminists have, for decades, railed against women being looked at just for their bodies and should be regarded for all of their attributes, should be valued holistically.

Because of the transgender movement, the identity of women’s identity is being rapidly dissolved and any woman who objects is attacked by leftists entrenched in positions of power within society. This dissolution is taking place in any number of ways. Some examples are: (a) Priory School administrators in Sussex, in order to promote transgender/gay indoctrination, under the mantra of “inclusiveness” and “inequality,” ordered that all students shed their traditional uniforms and that girls would have to wear trousers. The girls would have none of this, so they were prevented from attending school by the local commissars. (b) The University of California Office of the President, with the usual blather of, “We strive to build a culture where employees feel accepted and individual differences are respected and valued as part of our broader commitment to diversity,” decided that female and woman are not the same and is busily attempting to instruct the staff on Newspeak. (c) In Scotland, a high school teacher kicked a student out of class because the student made the horrific act of stating the scientific fact that there are two genders: male and female. He was subsequently expelled from school. A local politician and aspiring sophist said this: “The young man in question has not been permanently excluded from Mearns Academy, but rather at the age of 17, has reached the end of his time in compulsory education.” A Gofundme page for raising money in order to attend another school was shut down by the leftists who run that website. (d) J. K. Rowling supported Maya Forstater when the latter made politically incorrect statements regarding transgenders and was punished, whereupon an avalanche of hatred, including death threats and unperson-ing her, poured on Rowling by leftists, which is ironic since she, herself is one. Undeterred, she continues to defend women. Since she has enough money to buy a country, the effects were minor and petty. Yet, one question remains:

Where are the feminists?

We now come up in an even more bizarre scenario, due to the transgender mania, wherein men who call themselves women are allowed to compete against women/girls in sports, to the obvious detriment of females.

There is a very good, obvious, reason why, as a rule, women compete in sports separately from men. Several male athletes—who were unremarkable in their sport—announced to the world that they felt they were women and would henceforth participate in women’s sports. The rationale was that, even though their bodies had been subjected to the moulding effect of male hormones for a decade and a half—or two decades—now by blocking their bodies from producing said hormones and/or being given female hormones, the physiological effects of the past two decades would magically vanish. This would take place mainly through wishful thinking, as well as acquiescence by politically correct—or cowardly and opportunistic—sports officials. In the Oppression Olympics, women have been relegated to the back of the line.

The results of the competitions where transgenders participated were entirely predictable, whether in weightlifting, bicycling, fighting, golf, hurdles, swimming, rugby, or track competitions, in the process shattering records, with one transgender bragging how easy it was to win (as one wag put it, it “once again prove(s) that men are the best at everything, even women’s sports!”). And in some instances, the (real) female participants suffered serious injury. If this trend continues, the end of women’s sports has been predicted.

Keep in mind that aside from the fact that these men are cheats, this state of affairs deprive women of self-esteem, of pride, of fame, of money, of scholarships. It has been correctly condemned by some as “a farce.”

Transgenders and their leftist supporters, however, insist that there is no unfairness in their inclusion to women’s sports which, of course, goes against the science (apparently, the “Follow the science” mantra is applied very selectively by liberals), not to mention common sense. The media repeatedly tells us that we have no choice but to agree, to conform, to obey. The majority of the public, however, are solidly grounded in reality. “This has also been clear to anyone with eyes.” Even the individual who unintentionally sparked the transgender movement, an athlete himself, stated the obvious as did another transgender athlete.

Mind you, all of this is on top of the fact that the transgender mania is irrational.

At first cowed into quiet submission, female athletes and (a tiny few) officials have began to protest individually, for which they have been threatened and told to shut up about it by various authorities, as well as the Twitterati (censorship and retaliation is the typical liberal response). Nonetheless, it eventually grew into a chorus. Then, the issue went to courtrooms. Finally, it has ended up in the various state legislatures. As of this date, laws—all passed by Republican politicians and strongly opposed by Democrats—have been passed protecting women’s sports in the states of Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Idaho, as well as Montana, Mississippi, Arkansas and South Dakota. In Kansas, the Republican legislature passed a law to protect women’s sports, but the Democrat governor vetoed it.

One liberal’s objection to banning transgender athletes from women’s sports, bordered on the psychotic: doing so “upholds white supremacy.” A typical case of NPC.

And, again predictably, this bizarre scenario has sparked some truly excellent pieces of scathing satire, although General Patton’s statement unwittingly anticipated this state of affairs: “Anyone in any walk of life who is content with mediocrity is untrue to himself and to American tradition.”

But, once more: where are the feminists?

We come now to feminists’ favorite topic: rape. A number of criminals locked up in prison decided to declare themselves transgender so they could be locked up with real women and, of course, it made perfect sense to do so. And—how strange—the transgenders raped the women inmates. Some got pregnant. The liberal authorities in California responded by . . . offering condoms and abortions. When released from prison, lo and behold, the transgenders switched genders once more.

Where are the feminists?

All I hear are crickets.

(Apropos of this, the reader may remember that in the 1970s, a career criminal and serial rapist Eldridge Cleaver was welcomed with open arms by feminists in universities because he claimed that his rapes had had a political basis.)

So why this paradoxical state of affairs? It is usually the case that, when there is an apparent contradiction that doesn’t make sense, clarity occurs when the particular conundrum is seen from a different angle, or, when a missing piece of information is added to the picture, or the premises underlying the conundrum are voiced and analyzed. I don’t want to write a detailed dissertation, full of citations. It would simply be too long. Suffice it to say that there is an ideological foundation for this paradox, and feminism is nothing if not deeply ideological. While acknowledging the many doors that feminism opened up for women, the counterintuitive fact is that modern feminism is anti-woman.

Let us focus solely on the transgender issue. It is particularly affecting young girls to their detriment. The transgender process involves physical and chemical mutilation (remember when liberals were disgusted with female genital mutilation? And now they promote it?). Feminism insists that there are no biological or psychological differences between men and women, reality be damned. It is equality that matters and this is because present day feminism is solidly grounded in Marxism. Engels and Marx who, apart from condemning the nuclear family, not to mention capitalism, promoted total equity. The feminists of the 1970s arose from the Marxist revolt of the late Sixties-early Seventies. They promoted a repugnant androgynous look in men and women. It went over like a lead balloon. Nevertheless, they hunkered down and embraced a Lysenko worldview, so that both psychological and physiological differences between men and women are—according to them and without any proof—due entirely to social constructs. Like pregnancy. According to liberals, men can get pregnant. In fact, in Britain, leftists have ordained doctors must ask men if they are pregnant.

Which is to say that they are psychotic.

Camille Paglia said as much years ago: “They [feminists] are insane! Literally insane!”

Regardless, liberal Hollywood has promoted this delusion by having films wherein a 95-lb girl beats up half a dozen 250-lb men. The Billie Jean King-Bobby Riggs tennis match also furthered the illusion. Other incidents have played to the delusion.

So to admit that there are physical (not to mention psychological!) differences between men and women—-important differences—is anathema to the hardcore Marxist feminists.

But now comes reality and these transgender men wipe out the female competition, barely trying, and feminists are faced with a dilemma: Support women and defend women’s sports, or, fanatically cling to ideology?

Ideology, of course.

They have chosen to throw women under the bus.


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Armando Simón is a retired psychologist, an unapologetic transphobic, and the author of Very Peculiar Stories, The Book of Many Books, Wichita Women, and Fables from the Americas.

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5 Responses

  1. If sex and gender are choices, then science and biology are ice cream flavors, an indulgence of options. I’m your huckleberry.

  2. Why are the insane allowed to run riot with their destructive delusions imposed on non-trans society. ? Why expect the organized spineless feminists to serve the obvious truth? When has NOW, ever, publicly or privately, opposed the more serious harm done to women Muslims in Western countries by Muslim male slavemasters? When has NOW called for punishment of ‘honor killing’ murderers, at least , in non-Muslim majority countries.?
    Trans-people may be honest in their delusion as viewed by the non-trans, but that does not justify destructive disruption of non-trans society by the trans.
    When will bio-women athletes organize to demand bio-women only competition, and call for nonbio-women only competition availability? WTF ! Why The Failure to use our imagination for fairness for all?

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