by Richard Kuslan (January 2020)

Black Crows (Oranges No. 1), Grace Hartigan, 1958


Poet who does not order his word world

Skints reason to let run intuition

Untethered, unconstrained, unfurled and hurled

Into this our breathing world: fruition


Stunted. Signifying his surrender.

Inchoate otiose bloviation

The reader scorned. Such is my distemper,

When thus compelled to provide the ration.



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Richard Kuslan is an admirer of Donne, Sheridan, Byron, LeFanu, Trollope, Orwell, Sacheverell Sitwell, Christopher Logue and Jean Sprackland, among (many) others in the English language. He marvels at meaning’s fecundity when language is constrained by form and delights in the melodies that take to the air when the beautiful is read aloud.

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