Lorna Salzman


The Nation-State: Our Best Guarantor of Democracy

(July 2017)

Democrats: Electorate Unheeded, Lessons Unlearned

(December 2016)

Free Trade Debate: Giving Credit Where It Is Due

(November 2016)

God Invented Slavery, Faces Prospect of Impeachment

(October 2016)

EU Moves Toward Authoritarianism

(September 2016)

The New Plutocracy: How Democrats Betrayed Their Origins

(May 2016)

Social Justice Warriors’ War Against the Enlightenment

(March 2016)

“Thank you Donald”

(February 2016)

Mass Humanitarianism is Suicide, Not Altruism

(January 2016)

Brown University Apologetic but Puzzled

(January 2016)

“Defense of Freedom is a Defense of White Privilege”

(December 2015)

The Left’s Gospel: Humans Own the World

(October 2015)

State Sovereignty, Human Rights and the Responsibility to Protect

(October 2015)

“Environmental Racism” Divides and Diverts Activists

(September 2015)

The Conspiracy of Left and Right to Discredit Science

(July 2015)

Why Won’t Pamela Geller Behave?

(June 2015)

The Essay Jonathan Franzen Should Have Written

(May 2015)

The Post-Racial Society Recedes Further

(April 2015)

Skepticism Checks Its Coat at the Door of Science

(March 2015)

The Silence of the Lambs: Kristof and Buruma Put Women in Their Place

(February 2015)

Chimp is not a Mensch, Says Court Panel

(January 2015)

Ecuador: China’s Newest Client State

(January 2015)

Jews Behaving Like Muslims

(July 2014)

Are We Fighting the Trees Instead of the Forest?

(June 2014)

Ecology vs. Social Justice: A Contrived Conflict

(March 2014)

Cancer Kills Unemployment

(April 2014)

The Anthropocene and the New Lysenkoism

(May 2014)

New English Review Press is a priceless cultural institution.
                              — Bruce Bawer


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