Geert Wilders interviewed on the terror attacks in France: “Its only the beginning, it will get far more worse.”

Hon.  Geert Wilders, The Freedom Party (PVV), The Netherlands


Nicolai Sennels, Danish psychologist and NER contributor of Muslims and Westerners: The Psychological Differences .. posted  on 10,  this SUN-TV interview with Geert Wilders, Leader of the Freedom  Party (PVV) in the Netherlands on the realities of the Jihadi Arracks in Paris at Charlie  Hebdo and the Kosher Super Market,Hyper Cacher.  Ever prescient, Wilers’ bottom line remark to the SUN-TV interview in Canada was:  Its only the beginning, it will get worse”.  In this interview Wilders lays out his views on Islam, mass Muslim immigration and why the Netherlands and other EU countries have to take back border control and return veterans of Jihad to the conflicts in the Middle East and withdraw the citizenship.  Watch Sun-TV’s interview with Wilders:




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  1. Je Suis Charly
    And: Freedom of Speech !
    We Warning ISIS and Al Quada: You kill our Fathers, mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Children, BUT:
    We Will come after you, And Your family, you will be nowhere save on this planet.
    You will never Divide our nations our friends the : Jewish, Islam, Christian, Katholics, Boedhists etc.
    We will destroy you

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