New English Review

April 2014

Open Air Breakfast by William Merritt Chase


You Cannot Fathom Russia with Your Mind

by Theodore Dalrymple


The Spiritual Ascent by Rebecca Bynum


Fifty Shades of Gray by Theodore Dalrymple


The Closing of the Western Mind by Keith Hopkins


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly by Theodore Dalrymple

The Joy of Thinking: Shmuel Trigano by Nidra Poller


Showdown in Birmingham by Tim Burton (Catstrangler101)


Geert Wilders Once Again Endures a Firestorm of Criticism

by Jerry Gordon


The Wages of Supersessionism by Dexter Van Zile


The Family Cloth by G. Murphy Donovan


Stalemate in the Middle East? by Jerry Gordon and Mike Bates


Jewish Settlements Do Not Impede Peace by Robert Harris


The “Other Norwegians” by Norman Berdichevsky


1769-2016 and All That Jazz by David P. Gontar


Someday a Prince by Moshe Dann


Performance Critic by Richard Kostelanetz


Cancer Kills Unemployment by Lorna Salzman




Crucifixion by Rainer Maria Rilke translated by Len Krisak


The Shawl by Bibhu Padhi


Landscape by Stefan Zweig translated by William Ruleman


On Seeing An Old Friend by David Asia 


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Order on Amazon or Amazon UK today!

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