New English Review

April 2016

Lilacs in a Window by Mary Cassatt


My Road to Damascus by Theodore Dalrymple

Insurrection in the G.O.P., Or, The Wisdom of the Trump Voter

by Rebecca Bynum

2016: The Wages of Dynastic Politics by Conrad Black

Israel and Brussels: The “Merely Wounded” in Terror Bombings

by Louis René Beres

Israel and the Critics by Samuel Hux

Apologists for Islam and History by Hugh Fitzgerald

What Now? by Robert Wolfe

Stand Up and Fight Islamization of the West: an interview with Paul L. Weston of Liberty GB

by Jerry Gordon

Dhimmitude at 10 Downing by Sha’i ben-Tekoa

Christopher Dickey and “Anti-Muslim Hysteria”

by Hugh Fitzgerald

Lars Hedegaard: Free Speech Warrior Fighting the Islamization of Europe

by Lisa Benson and Jerry Gordon

The UN is a Plastic Owl by A. J. Caschetta

Danger of Islamist Terrorism: Be Not Afraid by Michael Curtis

Demographics: Why Islamic Societies are Dying by Ibn Warraq

Dunces and Doctrines by G. Murphy Donovan

Does ISIS Possess Saddam Hussein’s WMDs? an interview with Ken Timmerman

by Jerry Gordon and Mike Bates

The Nature of the 1916 Easter Rising and the Centennial Anniversary

by Robert Harris

Defiance by James Buckham

One Cheer for Ayn by James Como

“Trial,” Hollywood’s Prescient Film on the Left’s Playbook

by Norman Berdichevsky

Book Reviews:

“Freedom is Precious and Fragile”: a review of Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War by Dr. Sebastian Gorka

by Jerry Gordon

What Was “Conceptual Writing”? by Richard Kostelanetz

Short Stories:

An East Harlem Tale by James Como

Chattel Women — Arabia, 630 AD by A. Human Being


Olives by Len Krisak

All I Need: A Dramatic Poem by Evelyn Hooven

Voyage Infinite by Dilip Mohapatra

Jerusalem Verses by P. David Hornik

Across Glass Windows by Sutapa Chaudhuri

After Reading Arrogant Lines by Bibhu Padhi

A Sad Day in Heaven by David Solway

The Knives of Jerusalem by Thomas Ország-Land


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