New English Review

August 2011

Horses in a Meadow 
by Edgar Degas 




Berlin, August 13, 1961 by Richard L. Rubenstein

Who Is to Blame? by Theodore Dalrymple


That Ghost in the Machine by Rebecca Bynum


Shades of the Prison House by David Wemyss


The Iranian Missile Threat by Jerry Gordon


Athens and Jerusalem: Odysseus and Moses

by Geoffrey Clarfield & Joseph Adler


The Casey Anthony Trial and the Rashomon Syndrome

by Norman Berdichevsky


How the CIA Helped The Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrate the West

by Jerry Gordon


Honeymoon in Mecca by G. Murphy Donovan

His Sword Drawn In His Hand Stretched Out Over Jerusalem

by Shabbtai


Settlements Are the Issue by Robert Wolfe


Grave Matters by Mary Jackson


Is Juliet Tragic? by David P. Gontar


Tumbledown Architecture by David Hamilton




Pillars of Fear by Thomas Ország-Land

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