New English Review

August 2016

The Jolly Flatboatmen by George Caleb Bingham


Bill, Hillary, Mr. Chagoury and Hezbollah by Rebecca Bynum


Houellebecq and Call by Theodore Dalrymple


The NeverTrump Movement Joins the Clinton Campaign

by Rebecca Bynum


Trump Seizes the Day by Conrad Black


Brexit: Birth of a Nation by G. Murphy Donovan


The EU’s Innate Existential Crisis by Robert Harris


The Decline and Fall of the Roman Catholic West

by Emmet Scott


An Interview with Pastor Saeed Abedini, Former Hostage of Iran

by Rebecca Bynum


A Mirabilary Of The Passing Parade: Homo Gnosticus

by Cynicus Americanus


What Ever Happened To Sin? by Samuel Hux


Josh Rogin, The Washington Post and the Clinton Campaign: One Network

by Rebecca Bynum


The Berbers and Islam as a Vehicle for Arab Supremacism

by Hugh Fitzgerald


Flaws in the ‘Lone Wolf’ Analysis by A. J. Caschetta


See Something; Say Nothing: An Interview with DHS Whistleblower, Phillip Haney

by Jerry Gordon, Lisa Benson, Richard Cutting and Jeffrey Epstein


Closer to Allah by Richard Butrick


Guilt in An Age of Jihad by Dexter van Zile


Israel’s Optimistic Outlook by Michael Curtis


A Comprehensive Response to Anti-Israel Tourist Activism Talking Points, Part II

by Robert Harris


What Americans Should Know about Brazil’s Dual Legacy of Slavery and the Monarchy

by Norman Berdichevsky


PPK by James Como


“I’m Like, That’s Crazy” by Mark Zaslov


Shakespeare’s Enduring Conservatism by David P. Gontar


Different Literary Worlds by Richard Kostelanetz

Book Reviews:

Deception: The Making of the You Tube Video Hillary and Obama Blamed for Benghazi

a review by Jerry Gordon


Poetry, Survival & The Holocaust

a review and interview with Thomas Ország-Land

by Frances Spurrier

Short Stories:

Emeritus by James Como


The Hotel of Other-Worldly Delights by James LePore


The Illumination of Waraka by A. Human Being


The Extreme Verge by Evelyn Hooven


The Dare by David P. Gontar


Survivors by Dilip Mohapatra


Commandments by Thomas Ország-Land


This Stranger in Me by Bibhu Padhi


Maghreb by Brandon Marlon


Niemöller Redux by David Solway




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