New English Review

December 2012

Snow Flurries by Andrew Wyeth 

A Word to the Wise by Theodore Dalrymple

Hannah Arendt, the Holocaust, and the State of Israel

by Richard L. Rubenstein

The World View of Hasan al-Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood

by Joseph S. Spoerl

Why the Left Frequently is Right….And Vice Versa

by Fergus Downie

Putin's Crucifix by G. Murphy Donovan

“Not the Time to Conquer Gaza”: Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defenses

by Jerry Gordon

The Middle East in Turmoil by Jerry Gordon & Mike Bates

A Portrait of Elizabeth: Shona Farmer from Zimbabwe

by Geoffrey Clarfield

Dogs and the Joy of Living by Rebecca Bynum

Sweet FA by NB Armstrong

“The Freest Journalist in Canada”: An Interview with Ezra Levant

by Jerry Gordon

The Shuk and the Kotel: A Gathering-In by Moshe Dann

Is Art Inevitably Tainted by Politics?

by Norman Berdichevsky

Homage to Pascal by Thomas J. Scheff

Mayor Michael Bloomberg? by Richard Kostelanetz

Laura Norder by Esmerelda Weatherwax


Thermopylae by Constantine P. Cavafy

translated by Len Krisak

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