New English Review

December 2015

Boulevard Saint Denis, Argenteuil in Winter by Claude Monet


The Lancaster Plan by John M. Joyce

And Death Shall Have Its Dominion by Theodore Dalrymple

Plato, Relevant Still: The Concept of the Uniquely Appropriate

by Samuel Hux

What Do They Want? by Nidra Poller

Thinking the Worst: An Inglorious Survival Posture for Israel

by Louis René Beres

The West and the Rest: Agnostics vs Believers

by G. Murphy Donovan

“No War Against ISIS Without the Kurds”: an interview with US Army Brig. Gen. (ret.) Ernie Audino

by Jerry Gordon

Population and the True Number of Converts to Islam

by Ibn Warraq

Jacob Riis – The Story of America’s Most Famous Immigrant of the Late 19th Century

by Norman Berdichevsky

As if and Adam Smith by G. Murphy Donovan

Is it Safe to Fly?

by Jerry Gordon with Amb. R. James Woolsey and Lisa Benson

“Yes, Mr Dennett, qualia are unscientific… and real”

by Paul Austin Murphy

Pius XII and Received Wisdom by James Como

Shakespeare’s Alleged Drug Use by David P. Gontar

Letter to a Young Philosopher by Michael Flood

Culturist Debating Techniques Concerning the Refugee Crisis

by John K. Press

Correspondence with a Quaker by Ardie Geldman

A Pragmatic Approach to the Conceptual Tangle of Caste

by Ankur Betageri and Ateeth Betageri

Arthur Miller @ 100 by Richard Kostelanetz

Short Stories:

Umayr of Somalia and His Assassin Namesake

by A. Human Being

The Infidels by Joe David


“Defense of Freedom is a Defense of White Privilege”

by Lorna Salzman


Unheard Voices by Sutapa Chaudhuri

Homage to Two Octogenarian Women by Evelyn Hooven

Sunday Morning Beggars at Puri by Bibhu Padhi

The World as We Know It by Eric Rozenman

Perfect Image by Ankur Betageri

At Last, We Are Certain by András Mezei

translated by Thomas Ország-Land

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