New English Review

December 2016

The Magpie by Claude Monet


At the Prado by Theodore Dalrymple


Fidel: The Man Who Wanted a Country All His Own

by David Landau


Giving Thanks: Donald Trump’s Top Ten by G. Murphy Donovan


Trump’s First and Most Critical War by Geoffrey Botkin


Democrats: Electorate Unheeded, Lessons Unlearned

by Lorna Salzman


After the Liberation of Mosul by Samir Yousif


Mid East Issues Facing the Trump Administration: a discussion with Shoshana Bryen

by Jerry Gordon


A Mirabilary Of The Passing Parade: Happiness

by Cynicus Americanus


On Free Verse: A Minority Report by Samuel Hux


The Vapidity Translator by Bradford Tuckfield


Hillary’s Emails: Why They Mattered by Gary Fouse


Florida’s Immigration History When Ethnicity, Religion and Language Hardly Mattered

by Norman Berdichevsky


SITREP: Could Sudan be the Cornerstone of the Caliphate in Africa?

by Gen. Abakar Abdallah, Jerry Gordon and Deborah Martin


The Islamic Trade in European Slaves by Emmet Scott


Rethinking Dor Bahadur Bista’s, “Fatalism or Development?”

by Geoffrey Clarfield


Tell Mama Lies: How to Lie About Islamophobia

by Paul Austin Murphy


Liberty and Justice meet Hubris and Nemesis

by Tim Burton aka Catstrangler 101


The Ecstatic Erotic Art of Dorothy Iannone by Richard Kostelanetz

Book Reviews:

Sui Generis by James Como


A Civil Action by James Como

Short Stories:

Zone Seven by James LePore


Children of the Earth by J.E.G. Dixon


Enigma 12-31 by Evelyn Hooven


Waiting Through the Night by Bibhu Padhi


Apostasy by Dilip Mohapatra


The Stones of Jerusalem by Thomas Ország-Land


The Hispid Hare and the Polar Bear by David P. Gontar


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