New English Review

February 2007

Freedom and Its Discontents

    by Theodore Dalrymple

George W. Bush, Nurturist-in-Chief

    by John Derbyshire

Tribalism, Culture and the Nation-State

          by Rebecca Bynum

Cahiers du Cinema, or, Pardon the French

          by Hugh Fitzgerald

History Worth Remembering; The Danish Minority in Nazi Germany and the “Jewish Question”

          by Norman Berdichevsky

Constitutionalism and the Global Intifada: An Essay on Originary Political Thinking

          by Adam Katz

European Weakness, Anti-Americanism, and International Law

          by Hilaire de Sauveterre

Dispatches  – Undercover Mosque

          a Transcript

Language, truth …and wine

          by Colin Bower

Dozy bints – Western handmaids of Allah 

          by Mary Jackson

Stop acting the goat, a succession of shaggy goat stories.

          by Esmerelda Weatherwax

The very air (part 2)

         by Robert Bové

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                              — Bruce Bawer


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