New English Review

February 2012

Entrance to the Grand Canal from the Molo, Venice
by Canaletto

The End of Charity by Theodore Dalrymple

Jacques Barzun, Wisdom and Grace  by Rebecca Bynum



Who Destroyed Classical Civilization? by Emmet Scott


The Mystery of the Capriccio Papers by Lucy Beckett


From Teacher to Tutor: Solving Israel’s School Crisis

by Geoffrey Clarfield


Imperialist Islam Unveiled: A Wide Ranging Interview with Dr. Mark Durie

by Jerry Gordon


The Iraqi Jews – The Oldest Diaspora, Now Safe in Israel

by Norman Berdichevsky


Ponzi Politics and Public Choice by G. Murphy Donovan

 Is The Clock Ticking on Nuclear Iran? An Interview with Israeli Journalist Ronen Bergman 

by Jerry Gordon

Indices of Divinity in Shakespeare's All's Well That Ends Well

by David P. Gontar


The Devolution of American Lit by Malcolm Unwell


Why The Grandparent Spoon Stirs Me by Thomas J. Scheff


A Gumshoe Conspiracy? by Richard Kostelanetz

Never Judge a Book by Its Mother by Esmerelda Weatherwax



A Prayer for Peace by Thomas Ország-Land


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                              — Bruce Bawer


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