New English Review

January 2007

NER January 2007

Will the United States Survive Until 2022?

     by John Derbyshire

Kutuzov and the Greatcoats

     by Hugh Fitzgerald

On Evil

     by Theodore Dalrymple

 Blessed Are The Peacemakers

               by Rebecca Bynum 


The Dream Tickets for the 2008 Election

               by Norman Berdichevsky

Constitutionalism: A Political Thinking of the Center

               by Adam Katz

The Dawkins Illusion by Colin Bower

Where I am is Chinese Culture by C. Forest

The Bungled Death of Saddam Hussein

               by Hilaire de Sauveterre

Chile: The price of democracy

               by Pablo Policzer

An Ethical Basis For War

               by Bill Warner


The Cruelty of Eros by Alykhan Velshi

Sweet Foucault: nontrivial neotextuality as postmodern meta-mytheme

               by Mary Jackson

The Fourth Wise Man by Esmerelda Weatherwax

When the World Contracts Upon You

               by Mark Butterworth


The Silence by Ares Demertzis

What I Forgot Not to Pack by Robert Bové


Movies or What? by Mark Butterworth


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