New English Review

January 2012

Santa Trinità dei Monti in the Snow
by André Giroux

Forgiveness Is a Kind of Wild Justice by Theodore Dalrymple


The Fate of the Roman Cities of the Near East and North Africa

by Emmet Scott


Thoughts on American Exceptionality

by Mark Anthony Signorelli


The Bee and the Lamb (Part 3) by Takuan Seiyo


Camels, Canoes and Timbuktu by Geoffrey Clarfield


Dialogue with Radical Muslims is Dangerous for American Jews

by Jerry Gordon


A One Plank Platform, Please! by G. Murphy Donovan


Arab Spring and Future Scenarios by Samir Yousif

Islam, Democracy and the Arab Spring: An Interview with Raphael Israeli 

by Jerry Gordon and Mike Bates 

Unreading Julius Caesar by David P. Gontar


The Car on the Shore a review by David Wemyss


Per Ardua Ad Astra by Jack Dixon


Faust’s Guilty Conscience and Other Crimes Against Opera

by Janet Tassel


A Parable for Our Time by Dexter Van Zile


Out of the Shadow of God by David Hamilton


The Golden Renaissance of English Music

by Em Marshall-Luck


My Mother Told Me the Whole Story by Thomas J. Scheff


Games of Survival a review by Thomas Ország-Land


Suggestions for a New Years Eve by Esmerelda Weatherwax

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