New English Review

January 2014

L’intérieur d’un café  by Louis-Léopold Boilly




Sense and Sentimentality by Theodore Dalrymple


John Stuart Mill and Racism by Ibn Warraq


Religion and the Law by Rebecca Bynum


Gracious in Triumph by Conrad Black


How Christianity Civilized Barbarian Europe in Just One Hundred Years

by Emmet Scott


Royal Envy by David P. Gontar


The “Neocon Cabal”: Its Roots and Resonances

by Sam Bluefarb


The Psychobabble Bubble by G. Murphy Donovan


The Is-Ought Gap, Post-Modernism and the French Facelift

by Richard Butrick


Could the Crisis in Turkey Impact US Policy in the Middle East?

by Jerry Gordon


Hungary Sets Up a State Authority to Rewrite History

by Thomas Ország-Land


An American Feminist Fighting Sharia: an Interview with Dr. Phyllis Chesler

by Jerry Gordon


Al Shabaab’s Jihad – The Secret History Behind the Westgate Mall Attack

by Geoffrey Clarfield


Raja Shehadeh: A Moderate or a Moderate Façade?

by Robert Harris


Twisting Jewish Values to Promote False Peace

by Matthew Hausman


Flight from an Afghan Seraglio a review by Jerry Gordon


Goldie by G. Murphy Donovan


Five Notes on Guns and the Police by Richard Kostelanetz

Amusement on a Long Flight Alone by Norman Berdichevsky




Winter’s Tale by Bibhu Padhi


Advances In Endoscopy by Len Krisak


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