New English Review

January 2015

The Boulevard Montmartre on a Winter Morning by Camille Pissarro


Lunch Conquers All, Part 1 by Theodore Dalrymple

On the Need for an Avant-Garde in Strategic Studies

by Louis René Beres

Doing What We Do and Saying What We Say

by David Wemyss

The Sound of Fire by G. Murphy Donovan

Flying High by Theodore Dalrymple

The Armenian Genocide as Jihad by Richard L. Rubenstein

China’s Islamist Separatist Threat: An Interview with Dr. Harold Rhode

by Jerry Gordon

Why “Palestine” Would Be a Dangerous Legal Fiction

by Louis René Beres

Understanding America’s Disturbed Politics: Progressive Means Reactionary

by Eric Rozenman

What Was “Mentally Unstable” About the Perpetrator of the Sydney Lindt Café Terror Attack?  – An Interview with Dr. Michael Welner

by Jerry Gordon

The Last Israelis a review by Norman Berdichevsky

A Proposed Agenda for Congress in 2015 to Defend America and its Ally Israel

by Jerry Gordon

The Vast Majority of Muslims by Richard Butrick

The Standard Petition Against the Backlash is Getting Even Faster

by Thomas Samm

Could Israel Lose the Energy Prize in the Eastern Mediterranean?

by Jerry Gordon

A Village Remembered: Western Nepal May 2013

by Geoffrey Clarfield

Ecuador: China’s Newest Client State by Lorna Salzman

The Defective Harper Collins Atlas and the Missing State of Israel

by Norman Berdichevsky

Jews and the Invention of Time by Moshe Dann

The Philosophy of Sri Ramana Maharshi by Bibhu Padhi

Chimp is not a Mensch, Says Court Panel by Lorna Salzman

Conclusions: Kosti’s Menck & Nat by Richard Kostelanetz

Short Stories:

The Finger of LazerUs by David P. Gontar

The Sidewalk by Hannah Messinger


September Raven by Len Krisak

Mumbai Streets by Dilip Mohapatra

Tel Aviv Shoreline by P. David Hornik

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