New English Review

July 2012

Ellen’s Isle by Robert Seldon Duncanson




Haydn Seek by Theodore Dalrymple


“Go ye!” – Patriarchs and Pioneers by Kenneth Hanson


Losing Our Sons a movie review by Rebecca Bynum


Eliot the Adversary by Mark Anthony Signorelli


Evenings with Kierkegaard by David Wemyss


The Art of Writing Well

a book review by Matthew Walther


By Foot to Gombe by Geoffrey Clarfield


Coming of Age in the Judean Hills by Moshe Dann


Tactical Candor and Strategic Illusions

by G. Murphy Donovan


Is “Moderate Muslim” an Oxymoron?

by Richard L. Benkin


Muslim Brotherhood Triumphant in the Middle East and Washington

by Jerry Gordon & Mike Bates


Pilar Rahola, Woman of Conscience

by Norman Berdichevsky


Sami Awad’s Back Pages by Dexter Van Zile


False Radicals by David P. Gontar


The Dusty Shelf of History by Bryce Rogers


Rooted in Poetry

a book review by Thomas Ország-Land


The Queen Comes to the Queen by NB Armstrong

Strike Hard, Strike Sure by Esmerelda Weatherwax


Philip Glass Now 75 by Richard Kostelanetz




Poem America by Martin Burke

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