New English Review

July 2013

The Goldfish Window by Childe Hassam






Of Owls and Richard the Third, Part II

by Theodore Dalrymple


The Perils of Omniscience by David P. Gontar


Moral Disorder a review by J. E. G. Dixon

Destiny of Crime by Theodore Dalrymple



The Al-Dura Blood Libel Affair: an interview with Nidra Poller

by Jerry Gordon



Ten Real Estate Tips from a Failed Investor: How to Avoid the Coming English Property Crash

by NB Armstrong




 Retailing and Retelling by G. Murphy Donovan




 War As A Win-Win Option by Alexander Maistrovoy




 Igbo Jews of Nigeria Strive to Study and Practice

by Shai Afsai




The Many Faces of Hyderabad by Geoffrey Clarfield




Red Fascism by Paul Austin Murphy




 The Tolerance Value Trap by Richard Butrick




Are Extremist Muslims Hijacking or Reclaiming True Islam?

by Jake Neuman




What’s Wrong With NEA-Literature by Richard Kostelanetz




The Miser of Love by Moshe Dann








Seeing Through The Night by Bibhu Padhi


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