New English Review

July 2016

La Grenouillère by Claude Monet


Erdogan’s Faux Coup by Jerry Gordon


Tortured by Circumstance by Theodore Dalrymple


Trump Tells the Truth on Islamist Terror by Conrad Black


“That’s Who We Are” by Hugh Fitzgerald


The Multi-Cultural Scam and the Victimology Racket

by Samuel Hux


Hyphenated America by G. Murphy Donovan


Brexit: Keep Calm and Carry On by Conrad Black


Playing It Straight: The Gay Response to Islamic Terror

by Timothy D. Lusch


Why We Can’t Connect the Dots to Prevent Jihad Attacks

by Jerry Gordon


The Ethnic Turks of Germany, Or “We Didn’t Expect That”

by Hugh Fitzgerald


The Sunni-Shia Divide and Islam’s Puzzling Origins

by Emmett Scott


Bleeding Israel by G. Murphy Donovan


A Comprehensive Response to Anti-Israel Tourist Activism Talking Points, Part I

by Robert Harris


Where is the American Muslim Babe Ruth?

by Norman Berdichevsky


Latest North Korean Missiles Tests Raise Questions about Missile Defense

by Jerry Gordon


Shakespeare’s House of Cards: An Anniversary Celebration

by David P. Gontar


The Waning Age of Accidental Saints by Joe Bissonnett


Michael Moore Abroad by Robert Harris


Kosti’s Ramón by Richard Kostelanetz

Short Stories:

Gotham City, Zone III, 2085 by James LePore


Jamshid the Persian and Waraka the Arabian in the Indian Court of Harshavardhana

by A. Human Being


Among Love’s Turnings: Two Poems by Evelyn Hooven


A Bare Day by Bibhu Padhi


Entropology by James Como


Hijaz by Brandon Marlon


Another Sabitri by Dilip Mohapatra


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