New English Review

March 2009

The Fruits of Rage, Part I
by Richard L. Rubenstein


Beauty and the Beast
by Theodore Dalrymple


by Nidra Poller


Apologists of Totalitarianism: From Communism to Islam, Part IV:

The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, 9/11 and
The Apologists of Islamic Terrorism

               by Ibn Warraq


Jewish-Muslim Dialogue in Nashville, Tennessee

               by Rebecca Bynum


A Tale of Two Partitions: India 1947 and Palestine 1948

               by Norman Berdichevsky


The American Jewish Committee Missteps on Durban II

               by Jerry Gordon


Cease-Fire, With Whom?
by Raphael Israeli


No Sisterhood In Islam
 by Mary Jackson


An Interview with a Local Hero: Rabbi Jon Hausman

               by Jerry Gordon


Hank Greenberg in Space and AIG in Pieces


               by Jerry Gordon & John Haldi


It’s A Dog’s Life
by John M. Joyce  

Panache by Mary Jackson

When The Saints Come In In March

               by Esmerelda Weatherwax

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                              — Bruce Bawer


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