New English Review

May 2010


The New Faith, Hope and Charity

by Theodore Dalrymple

The Case of Martin Indyk by Hugh Fitzgerald


Southern Comfort by Rebecca Bynum

Triumph of Maya: The Rhetoric of Darwinism

by Mark Anthony Signorelli


Morality, Emotion Markers and Social Change

by Thomas J. Scheff


Muslims and Westerners: The Psychological Differences

by Nicolai Sennels (introduction by Nancy Kobrin)


Brother Tariq and the Muslim Hoods: Towards a Taxonomy of Islamic Subterfuges

by Ibn Warraq

Kati Comes Home: East European Jewry Confronts Its Holocaust Secrets

by Thomas Ország-Land


Implacable Muslim Hatred of Jews by Jerry Gordon

Baltic Rebirth and the Zionist Staging Ground for a Jewish State

by Norman Berdichevsky


Iran’s Nuclear Threat by Jerry Gordon and Mike Bates

Why De-Nuking Iran WON’T Mean WW3

by Peter Glover & Michael J. Economides

Islam at the Human Rights Council


by David G. Littman

Fading Away – Douglas MacArthur and Our Crisis of Meaning

by DL Adams

Television News by Anonymous

A Review of “I Am Nujood, aged 10 and Divorced”

by Esmerelda Weatherwax


Copyrighting the Bible by Geoffrey Clarfield

Highbrow and Lowbrow by Mary Jackson


A Sumerian Legend
by Mark Anthony Signorelli


A Wake on the Santa Barbara Pier 

by Thomas J. Scheff




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