New English Review

October 2009


 The Religion of Sacrifice and Abraham, Isaac and Jesus

               by Richard L. Rubenstein



Turkey, Secularism and the Need for Eternal Vigilance

               by Hugh Fitzgerald



The Cult of Insincerity
by Theodore Dalrymple



The Tasteful Ape: Darwinism and the Arts

               by Mark Signorelli



Lockwood de Forest’s Successors by Ibn Warraq

“Free Speech, Use It!” an Interview with Danish Cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard

               by Jerry Gordon

From Habiru to Hebrews: The Roots of the Jewish Tradition

               by Robert Wolfe



Hebrew’s Exalted Status
by Norman Berdichevsky


The White Rose: An Interview with Susanne Zeller- Hirzel

               by D. L. Adams


Palestinian Muslims Pelt French Tourists and Blame it on the Jews

               by Nidra Poller

Is This the Beginning of the End of Islamization in America?

               by Jerry Gordon



Halacha, Sharia and the Religious Acceptance of Constitutional Governance

               by Rabbi Jon Hausman



Opposing Islamization
by Rebecca Bynum



Why Did Muslims Choose Capitol Hill to Pray to Allah?

               by Mohammad Asghar



Islam Has Already Been Interpreted By Sharia

               by Nonie Darwish



Israel, Iran and Middle East Realities 

               by Jerry Gordon & Mike Bates

Veterans, Victoria Crosses and Degrees of Separation

               by Esmerelda Weatherwax

Thrill by Mouth by Mary Jackson



1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.

               a short story by Ares Demertzis

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                              — Bruce Bawer


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