New English Review

October 2011


Girl with Geese 
by Hermann Ottomar Herzog



Of Love, etc. by Theodore Dalrymple



Straws in the Wind: Assassination Plot in DC and Prisoner Exchange in Middle East 

by Jerry Gordon & Mike Bates 

The Demise of the Good Father by Rebecca Bynum


The Golden Bough, Once Again by Geoffrey Clarfield


Britten – Beethoven – Stravinsky – Shostakovich 

by David Wemyss


An Egyptian Jew in Exile: An Interview with Bat Ye’or 

by Jerry Gordon


Worldwide Caliphate Rising? a book review by Jerry Gordon


The Mis-Education of a Young Evangelical 

by Dexter Van Zile


Contretemps at the UN over Palestinian Statehood 

by Jerry Gordon & Mike Bates


Soviet Language Policy to Strangle Hebrew 

by Norman Berdichevsky

Israel‘s  “Black Gold” – an Interview with Dr. Scott Nguyen

by Jean-Patrick Grumberg with Introduction by Jerry Gordon 

A Congregation of Glories a book review by Janet Tassel


Global Architecture: Incongruous Excrescence 

by David Hamilton


This Thing of Darkness by David P. Gontar

A Pearly Harvest Festival by Esmerelda Weatherwax


Three Priests And A Strange Pole by John M. Joyce




The Voyage of Diego Mendez by Mark Anthony Signorelli



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