New English Review

October 2013

A Home by the Seaside by Worthington Whittredge





Hitching to Gomorrah by Theodore Dalrymple


The Mythistory of the Crusades by Ibn Warraq


Christianity’s Challenge by Rebecca Bynum


Is the Orthodox Church “Supersessionist?” by Hal Smith


Boxing Clever by Theodore Dalrymple


Painting the Green World Red: The Brothel in Shakespeare's Plays

by David P. Gontar


Checkmate in Baghdad and Geneva by G. Murphy Donovan


The Bible and International Development

by Geoffrey Clarfield


Al Shabaab is a Threat to the World at Large by Jerry Gordon


Willful Blindness to the Global Muslim Brotherhood Threat

a review by Jerry Gordon


Good and Bad Coups by Norman Berdichevsky


American Foreign Policy Missteps in the Middle East

by Jerry Gordon and Mike Bates


Al-Ghazali: Muslim Destroyer of Philosophy

by Paul Austin Murphy


The Sigd Holiday of Ethiopian Jewry by Shai Afsai


Surreptitious Intelligence Agencies by Richard Kostelanetz


The Autobiography of a London Gangster by NB Armstrong


Pubs with a Saintly Name by Esmerelda Weatherwax


A Course in Love by Moshe Dann




War Diary (1935-36) by Miklós Radnóti

Translated from the Hungarian & Edited by Thomas Ország-Land


Across-The-Street Ekphrastic by Len Krisak


The Blue Diary by Bibhu Padhi


The Look of Genius by David R. Cravens


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