New English Review

October 2015

Paris Street in Rainy Weather by Gustave Caillebotte



Traviata Trivia by Theodore Dalrymple

Europe Surrenders by G. Murphy Donovan

Humanitarian Jihad by Nidra Poller

Israel’s Survival Amid Expanding Chaos

by Louis René Beres

The Procrustean Idiocy of the Homo Consumptus Mandate

by Richard Butrick

Echoes of the Past: The Contemporary Apologism of the Petty Intelligentsia

by James Buckham

Why Donald Trump May Well Become Our Next President

by Rebecca Bynum

The Pope’s Vital Visit to America by Conrad Black

There Are No Flies On Us by Theodore Dalrymple

At Bitburg: The SS, Reagan.  .  . und Ich by Samuel Hux

Can States Prevent Release of Iran Sanctions through Federal Litigation?

by Jerry Gordon

A Solution for Muslim Refugees Clamoring to Enter Europe?

by Norman Berdichevsky

State Sovereignty, Human Rights and the Responsibility to Protect

by Lorna Salzman

The Unintended Consequences of Specific Policies in the Middle East

by Samir Yousif

Chapman, Our Chapman! by David P. Gontar

Resolved: Science Has Made God Redundant

by James Como

Intuition, Belief and Lostness by Ankur Betageri

The Left’s Gospel: Humans Own the World

by Lorna Salzman

End Antisemitism in Football by Michael Curtis

Book Review:

What If It Doesn’t Work Out Like That? by Mark Gullick


The Obama Doctrine Explained by Dr. Yasser Dasmabebi

Short Stories:

Mauritz ’Come Muhayissa by A. Human Being

The Man From The Airplane by Evelyn Hooven


The Sparrow by David Solway

The Last Wish by Sutapa Chaudhuri

Bone Yards by Gopikrishnan Kottoor

Nurturing a Wish for Things, Fondly by Bibhu Padhi

Off Key by James Como

A Poem of the Barricades Refuses to Die

by Thomas Ország-Land

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