New English Review

October 2016

Evening Glow by John Atkinson Grimshaw


Sudan’s Extremist Islamist Regime Uses Chemical Weapons in Darfur Genocide

by Lieutenant General Abakar Mahamat Abdallah


Nota Bene, Part II by Theodore Dalrymple


Dowd Out Loud by G. Murphy Donovan


The Middle East Watches, and Waits, for the Next American President

by Conrad Black


Lessons for the Next US President by Louis René Beres


The First Cultural Relativist: Relativism, Nationalism and the Danger of Diversity

by Alexander Zubatov


Alice’s Adventures in Authorship Land by David P. Gontar


A Mirabilary Of The Passing Parade: Homo Gnosticus (Part III)

by Cynicus Americanus


Protecting our Borders from Terrorists?

by Jerry Gordon and Agent X


The Obama-Hillary Team and the Muslim Brotherhood: A Critique

by Alexander Murinson


False Prophets Disarmed at a Vanderbilt University Presentation

by Jerry Gordon and David Baldovin


The Other Republican Businessman Candidate for President: Wendell Willkie

by Norman Berdichevsky


A Stroll in the Park with Martha Nussbaum by David P. Gontar


A Yazidi Speaks to the Narayver Synagogue in Canada

by Mirza Ismail


Do You get Tsurus from Soros Aiding Refugees and Migrants?

by Jerry Gordon


Why Predators Must Pray by Joe Bissonnette


Good, Bad, and Ugly Conspiracy Theories by Paul Austin Murphy


Connecting the Dots: The Feast of Tishri, Sukkoth and Thanksgiving

by Jerry Gordon


Ratio non Grata by James Como


Rape in the Cave of Hira: Speculations on the Origin of Islam

by A. Human Being


Whence Wisdom? by G. Murphy Donovan


Driverless Cars=Automotive Vasectomy by Joe Bissonnette


God Invented Slavery, Faces Prospect of Impeachment

by Lorna Salzman


Black Lives Matter by Richard Kostelanetz


Book review:


The Choice of the Jews under Vichy

by Michael Curtis




For a Couple Occasionally on the Verge of Separation

by Evelyn Hooven


Poetry by Dilip Mohapatra


Slander by David Solway


Mandelstam by the Fence by György Faludy

translated by Thomas Orzság-Land


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