New English Review

September 2012

Meadow with Two Large Trees by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot




The Art of Destruction by Theodore Dalrymple


Hamlet Made Simple by David P. Gontar


Is The War Against  Islamic Terrorism Over?  Essays in Commemoration of 9/11

edited by Jerry Gordon


Closing the State Mental Hospitals by Thomas J. Scheff


The Final Crisis of the Left by Fergus Downie


Islamifornia Dreamin’: Maha ElGenaidi Comes to Nashville

by Rebecca Bynum


France, Riots and the Poverty of Marxists

by Geoffrey Clarfield


Adult Conversations by G. Murphy Donovan


2016, Obama’s America – The Film

a review by Norman Berdichevsky


A Day of Woe by Myron Gananian


Jews and the Invention of Ethical Consciousness

by Moshe Dann


Israel in the Crosshairs by Jerry Gordon and Mike Bates


“Israelity” – One American’s Experience in the World’s Hotspot

by Kenneth Hanson


Palestine Betrayed (by the Palestinians)

a book review by Norman Berdichevsky


Jimmy Carter: “Friend” of Israel and the Jews by Shai Afsai


What Lies Behind Iran’s Nuclear Threat: An interview with Ex-CIA Agent Reza Kahlili

by Jerry Gordon


How to be Progressive Without Being Antisemitic and Anti-Israel

by Jill Schaeffer


An Islamic Reading of King Henry IV  by David P. Gontar


Elizabethan Tragedy: Revengers and Over Reachers

by David Hamilton


The State to Live and Die In

a book review by Matthew Walther


Why I Publish EBooks by Richard Kostelanetz


Short Story:


“If Quires Of Angels Did Rejoice…” by John M. Joyce




Underground by Len Krisak


On a Wounded Fawn Appearing in my Yard

by Mark Anthony Signorelli


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