300 pro-Palestinian protesters arrested for storming US Capitol. Meanwhile thousands block Whitehall in London

From the Jewish Chronicle

More than 300 pro-Palsestinian protestors have been arrested for storming the US Capitol after radical member of Congress Rashida Tlaib told them that Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza.

Tlaib, a Palestinian American, addressed a rally outside the Cannon Building in DC before the crowd pushed their way inside, in scenes reminiscent of Jan. 6.  The congresswoman said the hospital in Gaza had been ‘bombed’ when in fact the US government and other experts have determined the explosion was caused by a misfiring rocket aimed at Israel.

“We continue to watch people think it’s ok to bomb a hospital,” she said through tears.  “I’m telling you right now President Biden not all of America is with you on this one. You need to wake up and understand that. We are literally watching people commit genocide. A lot of people are not gonna forget this. It’s not a threat – it isn’t.”

In a statement, the police said: “We warned the protestors to stop demonstrating and when they did not comply we began arresting them.”

According to The Times of Israel some of the demonstration was organised by Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow, two Jewish groups that have focused their criticism on Israel. I expect their intentions are worthy, but their actions reek of dhimmitude and the role of the useful idiot, pounced on with enthusiasm by the likes of Miss Tlaib

Rep. Randy Weber posted a video of a sign saying ‘I stand with Israel’ outside his office that had been torn down by protesters.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene called for the protesters to be ‘prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law’ and labeled it an ‘insurrection’.

Tlaib has frequently been accused of antisemitism and was banned from entering Israel in 2019.

Well done to the US police on making so many arrests. I suppose the different to that and the mass demonstration outside Downing Street last night is that in London the protest remained in the street, which is a public highway, albeit one, because it contains the Cenotaph, is held in much respect. Even so, this photograph below does not fill me with joy and optimism.

There is some video as well. It comes originally from 5 Pillars an assertive Muslim organisation, so is part of their propaganda operation. See how we occupy the sacred space of the indigenous population!



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