4 killed, 4 wounded in terror attack near West Bank settlement

From Jewish News and The Times of Israel

Four people were killed and another four were wounded in a suspected terror attack in the West Bank on Tuesday.

IDF said that “terrorists opened fire adjacent to a gas station in the community of Eli (settlement). One of the terrorists was neutralised at the scene. IDF soldiers are pursuing additional suspects.”

The gunmen arrived by car and first opened fire at the nearby Hummus Eliyahu restaurant before targeting the gas station, according to an army assessment.

The Shin Bet security agency says Israeli forces located and killed the second Palestinian gunman who fled the scene of the deadly terror attack in Eli.

Shin Bet officers and members of the elite Yamam counterterrorism police unit found the car which the terrorist stole from the gas station near Eli, after he and another attacker killed four people and wounded four others. The agency says an assault rifle used in the attack was found in the car, near the Palestinian town of Tubas.

Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad welcomed the terror attack, as they do with most attacks carried out by Palestinians against Israelis.

“This is a natural response to the escalation and crimes of the occupation against the Palestinian people,” Islamic Jihad said.

Hamas was more specific in its wording, calling the attack a “swift reaction” against the “crimes of the occupation in the Jenin refugee camp and the storming of Al-Aqsa.”


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  1. Left Wing dominated Israel does not allow its Jewish citizens to arm themselves. Only police, the IDF and some ex-IDF officers have firearms.

    From Ha’aretz earlier this year:

    “According to the ministry’s own figures, as of last summer, 141,646 Israelis owned a total of 150,015 private firearms – primarily for self-defense. This number, in Lotan’s view, represents a good balance between the need for an armed (and trained) citizenry ready to protect itself and the need to prevent the epidemic of gun violence common in the United States.”


    Let’s do a little math – 7,000,000 million Jews. 170,000 in the IDF, 30,000 in Police, Mossad etc. Plus 150,000. Total 350,000.

    So, that is 5% of Jews armed and the Muslims want the Jews all dead. Israel will change at some point but not until hundreds or thousands of its Jews die.

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