A Battle of Algiers

by Theodore Dalrymple (March 2015)

When asked about the effects of the French Revolution, the late Chou En-Lai, as charming and sophisticated as he was without scruple, is alleged to have said, ‘It is too soon to tell.’ He probably never said it, however, which is rather a pity because it is so witty and, in a sense, true. The effects of any historical event stretch indefinitely into the future and therefore achieve no finality, which is why history constantly requires and undergoes revision even without the need of a totalitarian dictator, such as Stalin or Mao, to write people into or out of it according to the latest pattern of favour and disfavour. History will come to an end only with the extinction of the human race, and not with the triumph everywhere of liberal democracy, or of anything else for that matter.  more>>>


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  1. Another excellent article from the skeptical doctor. It is so good to be able to read articulates that are both erudite and interesting. In America we have no sharp minds and the ones who claim to be experts in the History of anything are duds. We are indeed living in a age when the writing is on the wall but too many are absorbed in their own egotism. I always live by the old saying that Noah built the ark before the flood.

  2. and in Algeria in ’62 began the training of FRELIMO for the libertation of Mozambique After their success in Algeria there was no stopping the Dulles bros and all their little Alden Pyles….continual criminal stupidity on a world scale for a long long time but hey you can always blame the Russians

  3. “Racial, religious and cultural identity are morally important in politics, precisely what so many people would like to deny because it is so uncomfortable to have to admit it, and can so easily unleash the vilest political passions. Something that is true, say our people of goodwill to themselves, could have nasty consequences; therefore it is not true.”

    This is indeed the logic of absolution and appeasement.!

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