A Few Questions For Mahathir Mohamed (Part One)

by Hugh Fitzgerald

Mahathir Mohamed has, at the age of 93, been elected, for the second time, as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. He’s a deeply devout Muslim, of amiable mien, seems a friendly sort, but he has just one little problem. It’s “the Jews.” According to Dr Mohamed, who has been talking about this problem for decades, “Jews rule the world” by proxy. “Jews were responsible for the Asian financial crisis.” “Jews control the money.” “Hook-nosed Jews” control the world. “In the Holocaust only four million Jews died” and “the Middle East was fine until Israel was founded. That caused all the problems.” He repeats variations on these simple-minded themes without let-up.

If he’s ill-informed about Jews, he also seems ill-informed about his own religion, Islam. Recently Dr. Mohamed insisted that “Islam is not a cruel religion and it is not about chopping (off) heads (or) hands,” the Prime Minister said.

“There are various ways of punishment, which are much milder, but these people want to harass, want to cut people’s hands (or) heads. That is not Islamic.”

The religion, said Dr Mahathir, took care of humans’ lives.

“..these people want to harass, want to cut people’s hands or heads.That is not islamic.”

But Islam most certainly does order Believers to chop off the heads and hands, to smite at the necks, to cut off the legs, of enemy Infidels. The Qur’an is full of violence. Dr. Mohamed knows this; he’s been reading the Qur’an for at least 80 years.

Here is a famous Qur’anic command about how to deal with the enemy:  “Cut off their heads, and cut off the tips of their fingers” (8:12). And if anyone opposes Allah or supports another religion, “They should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides.” (5:33). There are many more such passages commanding killing in the Qur’an, and the hadith are full of stories about the the killing of many people, from Kinana of Khaybar (tortured and murdered for refusing to reveal where treasure was hidden), to those who mocked Muhammad, murders that he wished for, and his wish was carried out by various  followers, eager to please.

As for his horrifying remarks about the Jews, Dr. Mahathir may not realize it, but when he claims that the  Holocaust total was “only four million,” he is joining that select group of Holocaust deniers and revisionists — such madmen as Robert Faurisson and David Irving come to mind. The deniers, like Faurisson, say the Holocaust never happened. The revisionists admit that well, yes, some Jews may have died, but many fewer than the six million they claim, and besides, those who died were not all killed, but died of typhus and other diseases. In citing the preposterously low figure of 4 million, Dr. Mahathir joins the ranks of those people. He’s not a fool; he’s had scientific training, to become a doctor. What kind of deep  hatred of Jews must he harbor under his unassuming exterior to insist on such nonsense? And since he’s always prating about “the image of Islam,” does he have any idea what damage, in making such a claim, he is doing to the image of Islam?

As for “hook-nosed” Jews, when called on the carpet for that nasty remark by the BBC interviewer Zainab Badawi, Mahathir Mohamed just laughed and said, “why do the Jews get so excited? People call us names. They say that Malaysians have ‘fat noses.’ We don’t get upset.” He thinks that justifies this oldest of antisemitic remarks about the supposed physical appearance of Jews, the very one that always filled the pages of Julius Streicher’s Der Stürmer, and every neo-Nazi rag since.

Then there is Mahathir Mohamed’s  charge that Jews were responsible for the Asian financial crisis in 1997-1998. At first, he blamed one man, George Soros, for causing a devaluation of the Malaysian ringgit through his currency speculation. Soros has a lot to answer for in what he supports, but in this case he is innocent. In 2006, Mohamed had a face-to-face meeting with Soros, who insisted he had had nothing to do with the devaluation, that others had speculated on the currency, but he had not been among them. At a joint news conference with Soros (who was passing through Malaysia on a worldwide tour to promote his book), Mahathir Mohamed declared himself satisfied. But he apparently meant only that he was satisfied that Soros was not involved. He still continued to blame unspecified “Jews” — as if only Jews speculated in currency.

First published in Jihad Watch


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  1. Here’s a couple questions:
    Do you think that when people in the West read your primitive opinions that you are helping those who want to reduce Third World immigration?
    Is ISIS made up of Jews?

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