A New Grand Alliance

During World War II some of the British public were critical of Winston Churchill’s alliance with the Soviet Union. To which Churchill replied, “If Hitler invaded Hell I would make at least make a favorable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons.”  Of course, this was Churchill’s way of stating that the Nazis were the supreme threat to all that was held dear by Western Civilization. And the Nazis needed to be opposed by every civilized person.

Today, we face an even more cunning and deceitful enemy in Islamo-Fascism. Just like the Nazis of seventy years ago radical Islam is a supremacist movement. They, too, have a concept of the Master Race, a.k.a. Muslim men. Like the Nazis, they also engage in an irrational hatred of the Jews. The Islamo-Fascists believe in the destruction of inferior races such as Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Confucians. They degrade women and children in the most bestial of ways. Instead of a Third Reich that will last a thousand years, they promote the universal Islamic  Caliphate that will usher in the perfect age of Sharia utopian government. They believe in slavery and submission, which is completely incompatible with freedom and the rule of rational law as embodied in the U.S.Constitution. They allow no expression of ideas that challenge their hate filled ideology.

Churchill and Roosevelt crafted a Grand Alliance of nations to combat the spread of Nazi rule. They did not insist on uniformity of thought and action in their Grand Alliance The main thrust of the alliance was the defeat of Nazi ideology by ANY means possible. It was by sheer statesmanship that the Grand Alliance was cobbled together . It was by brilliant leadership that the Grand Alliance swept the Nazi movement into the trash bin of

President Obama is  intellectually, spiritually and morally incapable of providing such leadership. He does not, nor will he ever develop, the strong moral compass that is needed to lead a second Grand Alliance to victory. Obama  is a hopeless disaster. Let us pray to God that we will find a Winston Churchill waiting in the wings willing to accept the leadership of the West.

Remember in the 1930’s Churchill was an outcast on the British political scene. Neville Chamberlain with his politics of accommodation and appeasement was king of the hill. Remember Chamberlain  waving the paper that guaranteed “peace in our time” In less than six months Herr Hitler and his Panzers made short work of Poland starting World War II.  Within months Churchill was elected Prime Minister by Parliament and led Britain through the darkest days of the War.

Events move rapidly sweeping aside the appeasers of history  and bringing true, fearless leadership to the fore. Perhaps, there is a second Churchill already present awaiting his rendezvous with greatness.


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